Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Juniper Creek Christmas

If you're in any way a fan of HBO's "Big Love" you should at least be aware of the existence of "A Juniper Creek Christmas."
From the A.V. Club Newswire:
In preparation for the fourth season of Big Love (premiering January 10th), the HBO website is offering a free download of "A Juniper Creek Christmas," an eight-song album in which Roman Grant and his disciples sings such classics as "We Three Wives," "Deck The Compound" and "I Saw Three Hummers."

Here's a small taste:

"Here We Come From Juniper Creek"

This is interesting and oddly fitting for several reasons:
- Music is often a large part of the Juniper Creek compound's storyline. Wives are seen recording songs in Roman Grant's office several times over the course of the series, for example.
- A Christmas album makes perfect sense for this (fake) fundamentalist Mormon sect because of the religious significance of the season in question.
- The tags on each song maintain that the characters from the show are the ones performing on the tracks and that...
- The actual actors appear to be in attendance and on board for this.
I personally found this entire thing hilarious. If I had to pick one of the eight tracks to be the single it doesn't get any better than "Silent Wife":
Silent wife, perfect wife
All is calm, all is right
House immaculate, dinner is warm
Another child is soon to be born
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

And so on.
If I didn't know this was a joke and had never heard the show before I'd probably think this was all too real...and frightening. Since it's not it's pretty awesome.

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