Saturday, November 26, 2011

Song Review: Slave - "Just a Touch of Love" (1979)

I just heard this song on the Parliament station on my Pandora. I can't believe I've never encountered it before. It's so addictive. The real hook is the background vocals that implore the name of the song over and over again. The bass is deep and abiding. I honestly don't know why I don't listen to more funk. Here I am slamming back and forth between the Kanye West and Notorious B.I.G. stations on the commute to work when I could be rocking to something like this.
"With just a touch of love..."
Gotta love that sound. Slave is an Ohio band which is apparently a funkier state than I ever gave it credit for. Well, the Dayton part anyway.
About that album cover: I didn't see that when I first got to know this song. Who is the man on the front and what is he doing with that baby? Is it his baby? And if it is, why is he offering it to me? Doesn't he want the baby? And if it's not his baby already, is the baby he will provide you if you buy this record? Will it look just like that?


  1. I listen to funk stations at work from time to time so I have run across this song. It is a good one for sure. It seems like there is not a large collection of Pandora Funk. If you find a good station that you can listen to for more than 2 hours with out hearing a song more than once I would love to know what it is. Maybe Slave would bring enough variety to the table.

  2. I was just listening to both the Parliament and Rick James stations on Pandora today. It had some electro and soul and R & B mixed in. I will make a Slave station today and see what comes out the other end.