Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Textbroker tries to break my spirit

I once again experimented with an online word market and came away just as crushed as the last time. This time the Web site was called Textbroker and what a cruel mistress it was.
Textbroker is your marketplace for unique and exclusive written texts, created in accordance with customer specifications.
Before I could sign up to use their service I had to write an entry of at least 120 words. A list of five topics was given. I chose to write an "objective description of a country" of my choice. Here's what I wrote:
With no standing army to speak of, the Principality of Liechtenstein is a relatively defenseless country that covers slightly less land than Cleveland, Ohio. It is only one of two countries in the world, with Uzbekistan being the other, that is doubly landlocked. Though it is considered a micro state, it falls behind Vatican City, Monaco and San Marino in the race for smallest European country. With no significant natural resources to speak of, Liechtensteiners have followed the example set by British Territory the Cayman Islands and reformed their chilly country into a tax shelter. With their motto "For God, Prince and Fatherland" written in the official language of German, the country remains well-rooted in it's heritage stemming from "Der Vaterland."
When I checked my E-mail this morning I saw that my entry had been accepted. When I signed into my account I saw the following message:

Your current classification is 3 stars.
Good writers are evaluated with an average of 3 stars. Excellent writers receive an average of 4 stars. Only professional writers receive the maximum of 5 stars.
Nothing but love, I tell ya.
"But I'm ALREADY a professional writer," I said to the computer. "Who are you to judge me?"
The screen looked back at me in silence.

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