Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Review: "This Is It"

What can you say about this movie?
There's not much here. It's rehearsals for a series of 50 concerts in London. Michael Jackson died before opening night. Ominously, this series of concerts was called "This Is It."
And truly, Jackson looks as if he's knocking on heaven's door with his pale, skeletal fist. In his dancing he's doing a lot more pointing here than usual. As Ash pointed out, he probably spent most of the day pointing at things he wanted. That is, unless he was putting his hand up in a "stop" position. Sometimes pointing can me be misinterpreted.
In the opening sequence we see dancers who are creaming their jeans to be able to gyrate for the King of Pop. We never find out their names and when they are dancing for Jackson and the director with numbers pinned to them the lucky few who are picked aren't specifically announced.
As my friend Kaleb said when I asked him about it, "It's an entire movie of B-Roll."
He's not wrong.
The "performances" that are "sung" and "played" are horrendous renditions of all Jackson's classics. There are even terrible short films that were being produced with hundreds of people behind the scenes on set to make awful visuals to go along with the shitty renditions.
It took a lot of manpower to make media this insipid.
Did I mention he looks gaunt as hell here? Were I Jackson's physician I certainly would not prescribe him 50CCs of stadium concerts in a world city.
As he was being craned over the space where the audience would never get a chance to stand the director implored Jackson to "hold on" and to "be careful." It was moving incredibly slowly and looked as if it would lose to an airport people mover in a side by side race. Still, a still wind or an unkind word look as if it might blow him like a fall leaf into the orchestral pit.
Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

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