Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture of the Day: PetSmart Horses

I dropped Ash off at Barnes & Noble and headed to PetsMart a few doors down to buy Spike's dog food. I barely made it there before calling Ash and telling her to walk down and meet me.
The above scene was what played out before me.
Two horses and the pair of women riding them had started outside and then, without warning, directed themselves inside. Horses in big box store are generally reserved for fever dreams I've had when my temperature has topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I had honestly never imagined this in my waking life.
I still have no firm answer as to why they were there. They were later seen ambling down the grass beside the highway.


  1. I think Google Plus would be a good blogging platform for you!

  2. Hilarious picture...was this at the Westfield/Carmel store?

  3. was the Noblesville store. I don't know much about Google Plus. I read it's meant to be some kind of challenger to Facebook.

  4. A lot of bloggers are moving to Google Plus because they get much greater engagement. You can follow people much like twitter without actually friending them.

  5. So I'm officially on Google Plus. I even have the app. What do I do now?(There's like no one on ther yet. It has not reached the saturation level of Facebook.)