Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2018-12-19 - NUVO - The Year in News 2018

In my capacity as NUVO News Editor, I, along with Cory Cathcart, a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis' Department of Journalism and Public Relations in the School of Liberal Arts, organized all of the news stories in 2018 on Dec. 19, 2018. We organized them by category: Education, Indiana Statehouse, Criminal Justice, Health & Environment, and Midterm Elections. Here is a panoramic time-lapse video of us sorting the cards of each story into groups:

(Video by Charlie Clark)

There were no shortage of big news stories in 2018, even without the midterm elections. News Editor Rob Burgess breaks down our biggest stories of the year with a look back at 2018 headlines.

Many topics including teacher salaries, anti-bullying efforts, and sex education were among the top education stories in 2018, but with high-profile school shootings in Noblesville and Richmond, safety was at the top of most parents' lists of concerns. Here's a look at our top stories related to education in 2018.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Indiana Statehouse 2018
There was much disappointment to be shared this year for those concerned about the Statehouse in 2018. Redistricting reform and press freedoms suffered setbacks. And, we can't even tattoo our eyeballs any longer. But, at least, we can buy alcohol on Sundays now, right? Here's a look at our top stories related to state government from 2018.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Criminal Justice 2018
Powerful people in the state of Indiana were accused of some pretty ugly crimes in 2018. Public officials from around the state were accused of stealing over $1 million. Dozens of priests were named as credibly accused sexual abusers by the Catholic Church. And, lest we forget the Curtis Hill case. Here's a round-up of some of the top criminal justice stories of the year. Here's a look at our top criminal justice articles from 2018.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Health & Environment 2018
Hoosiers had reason to be concerned about their own health and that of the environment around them in 2018. STDs were on the rise, health insurance is set to be harder to obtain, and budgets are being slashed. But, it wasn't all bad: Local environmental rules will continue to be enforced, carbon monoxide testing is now more available, and CBD and medical cannabis are on the march. Here's a look at our top stories from 2018 related to personal and environmental health.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Midterm Elections 2018
Indiana voters turned out in record numbers for the Midterm Elections of 2018, and we've got a review of the stories they were most interested in ahead of election day.

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