Monday, November 6, 2017

Rob Burgess - Kokomo Tribune - Editorial Board Member/Opinion Page Editor

I was hired as Night Editor of the Kokomo Tribune on March 31, 2012.

I joined the Kokomo Tribune Editorial Board on June 27, 2014.

You can read Editorials in the Opinion section of the paper.
I became City Editor on July 29, 2016; and Opinion Page Editor on Feb. 2, 2017. My last day working at the Kokomo Tribune was Nov. 5, 2017.
On Dec. 2, 2017, at the 2017 Hoosier State Press Association Foundation Better Newspaper Contest Awards Luncheon and Newsroom Seminar at the Indianapolis Marriott North, I won Second Place for Best Editorial Writer for Division 5, which comprises daily newspapers with circulations between 14,000 and 34,999.
 This was one of 14 awards the Kokomo Tribune won that day.

I have uploaded the complete archives of everything I ever wrote for the Kokomo Tribune to my Google Drive account. You can view and download it here.

2014-06-27 – “Editorial - Clerks must follow the law” [Page: A4]
You don’t have to agree with the law, you just have to follow it.

2014-07-06 – “Editorial - Gov's profile on the rise” [Page: A5]

Re-published: 2015-01-28 – [Page: A4]

If Pence can claim victory on this issue, expect his national profile within the party to rise briskly.

2014-08-08 – “Editorial - Face-to-face get-together” [Page: A4]
Re-published: Aug. 4, 2015, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
Re-published: July 18, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]

2014-08-10 – “Editorial - Let's get this done” [Page: A4]

The campaign for the Kokomo Family YMCA’s Beyond the Bricks Drive to build a new facility has seen several major successes as of late.

2014-08-15 – “Editorial - Take a taste for a cause” [Page: A4]
As many people in this community know first-hand, when the wave of tornadoes ravaged Kokomo last November, the United Way of Howard County was one of the many groups on the ground, ready to help those in need. The Taste of Kokomo, scheduled from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturday in Foster Park, is an excellent opportunity for the community to show its gratitude.

2014-08-17 – “Editorial - Police turning to military” [Page: A4]
The images this week of Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the civil unrest caused by the death of unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown have been shocking to say the least. Were the dateline removed from the pictures, one could easily imagine them emanating from some far-away war zone, and not a suburb of St. Louis.

2014-08-19 – “Editorial – Mo-ped law long overdue” [Page: A4]
Re-published: 2015-01-02 [Page: A5]
Re-published: 2015-04-15 [Page: A4]
Re-published: 2015-06-03 [Page: A4]
We’ve all seen them on the streets, and their popularity is only growing. Mopeds have coasted in a legal grey area for years in Indiana. A lack of registration, testing and licensure allowed those without other means of transport to join other vehicles on the road without many prerequisites, often making for dangerous driving for all involved.

2014-08-24 – “Editorial - Voting is protest, too” [Page: D4]

Despite this imbalance, voter turnout during the last municipal election in Ferguson was a dismal 12 percent. When Rev. Al Sharpton called Ferguson’s voter participation rate “an insult to your children,” on Aug. 17 at Greater Grace Church, it rang true.

2014-08-29 – “Editorial - All roads lead to SCOTUS” [Page: A4]
Republished: 2014-09-03 - Pharos-Tribune [Page: A4]
Republished: 2014-09-03 - Miami County Weekly [Page: 6]
The new SCOTUS term begins the first week of October. To the nine justices: We need an answer. The ball is squarely in your court.

2014-09-09 – “Editorial - Pence 2016 - Time will tell” [Page: A4]
Republished: 2014-09-10 – Miami County Weekly [Page: 6]
The amount of speculation surrounding Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence’s intentions regarding a possible presidential run in 2016 has been growing steadily over the past few weeks. For his part, Pence has refused to be pinned down, despite giving off strong signals.

2014-09-12 – “Editorial - Putting state to the test” [Page: A4]
Students need to be tracked on an individual basis. As it stands now, entire classrooms are under the state’s microscope. This shift will allow students to be compared to their own previous scores, allowing progress to be measured much more appropriately and discerningly.

2014-09-14 – “Editorial - Caring for the whole year” [Page: A4]
If anyone wanted to know what the United Way of Howard County is all about, all they had to do is take a look around downtown Sept. 6 during the organization’s annual Day of Caring.

2014-09-21 – “Editorial - NFL drops the football” [Page: A4]
It is to Goodell’s and the NFL’s eternal shame these incidents were so tremendously mishandled. Goodell is now in damage-control mode, announcing a review and overhaul of the league’s domestic violence policy. That’s a step in the right direction, but remember what actually caused them to take action. It wasn’t the incidents themselves, but the outrage. The loss of revenue was the only cry the NFL heard.

2014-09-25 – “Editorial - Be a part of the debate” [Page: A4]
Local elections may be the most important and impactful of all, and our form of government only works when the electorate is engaged and curious. If you’re unsure of whom to vote for this November, do yourself and everyone else a favor and submit your concerns and attend the debates.

2014-09-28 – “Editorial - Peru Police Department needs a fix” [Page: A5]
Clearly, something is amiss in the Peru Police Department. What is staggering to us is how little has been done to correct what is clearly a systemic problem. In Walker’s Sept. 16 statement to the press announcing Kennedy’s departure, he called the campaign against Kennedy “mean spirited,” but said no officers would face disciplinary action.

2014-10-03 – “Editorial - On the path to recycling” [Page: A4]
Everywhere you look, local leaders are obviously attempting to make sure Kokomo is ready for the future. One of those components has to involve being open to changing the ways we deal with our waste. And as much as we’d all like it to happen immediately, making sure this program is viable for years to come is paramount.

2014-10-12 – “Editorial - Pros, cons of cameras” [Page: A4]

As Tribune crime reporter Mike Fletcher reported Oct. 3, 61 of the 103 sworn Kokomo police officers will soon have body-worn cameras. This technology offers advantages, and concerns.

2014-10-17 – “Editorial - Beware the 'pinkwashing'” [Page: A4]

Before the Indianapolis Colts take to Heinz Field to square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers Oct. 26, a clash far more controversial than anything during the game is scheduled to take place. Nancy Brinker, Susan G. Komen Foundation founder, is set to accept a $100,000 check from Martin Craighead, chairman of oil and fracking company Baker Hughes Inc. Both entities have faced sharp criticism this month after the partnership — now in its second year — was announced; and rightly so. The irony of Baker Hughes producing 1,000 pink fracking drill bits in celebration was nearly too outrageous to believe.

2014-10-19 – “Editorial – Death causes public, court says” [Page: A4]

In a majority opinion authored by Justice Mark Massa Oct. 7, the Indiana Supreme Court sided unanimously in favor of public access to causes of death.

2014-10-24 – “Editorial - Smoothing the transition” [Page: A4]

Re-published: 2015-07-30, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
As we reported in our front page story Wednesday, three Indiana University campuses — IU Kokomo, IU South Bend and IU Northwest — are sharing a three-year, $450,000 grant to provide academic support and financial incentives for Ivy Tech students to transfer to IU to complete a four-year degree. Major kudos should be awarded to the Kresge Foundation — a $3 billion private, national foundation — which made the program possible through its generous donation.

2014-10-26 – “Editorial - Here comes Election Day” [Page: A4]

Well, this is it. This is your chance to put your ballot where your mouth is. If you’ve ever complained about how local government is run, your time to take action is nigh.

2014-11-04 – “Editorial - Gun safety is essential [Page: A4]

When it comes to deadly weapons like firearms, even a moment’s inattention can rip families apart forever. These stories are so frustrating because they are so preventable.

2014-11-09 – “Editorial - Republicans win, for now” [Page: A4]
There’s no two ways about it, Tuesday was a rough one for Democrats locally, statewide and around the country. But before conservatives get too excited or liberals get too depressed, here are a few points to consider:

2014-11-21 – “Editorial - The public's right to know” [Page: A4]
Hoosiers support the right to know what government at all levels is up to, and they believe public notices in community newspapers are a trusted source of that transparency.

2014-11-23 – “Editorial - Pence checks all the boxes” [Page: A4]
Given this field, a button-down, old-school candidate like Pence, who has the potential to build a wide base of support in the party, would be pretty hard to beat.

2014-11-30 – “Editorial - Grand jury v. jury trial” [Page: A4]
Re-published: Dec. 2, 2014, Pharos-Tribune [Page: A4]
No matter how you feel about this case, understanding the difference between a jury trial and a grand jury, especially this one, is essential to speaking intelligently on this case.

2014-12-05 – “Editorial - Downtown rejuvenated” [Page: A4]
Credit is due to those in our community with the long-range vision to help these ideas become reality. Outward growth means nothing to a city with a rotten core. Kokomo is far from the only community in this country to struggle with this problem. What makes us different is our response.

2014-12-07 – “Editorial - We can't breathe, either” [Page: A4] (Print headline: “Case leaves us short of breath.”)
This outrage must result in action. Most police officers are decent, working class people just trying to get home to their families like everyone else. The result of the Garner case and those like it sullies the uniform and breeds justifiable distrust in the communities they are sworn to serve. We need leadership from the federal government on not just this case, but with police misconduct in general. It’s getting harder and harder to breathe.

2014-12-14 – “Editorial - Take it to the voters” [Page: A4]
Now, if state superintendent was a position appointed by the governor instead of a separately elected position, would it not place the blame or credit for education policy in the state squarely on the governor’s shoulders? Some say it would increase accountability in the state’s chief executive and reduce education-policy gridlock, while others say it would turn the office into a rubber stamp. So, here’s our solution: Let the voters decide. This issue should be decided by referendum. It’s an idea at least worth considering.

2014-12-19 – “Editorial - Don't give in to terrorists” [Page: A4]
If it does turn out to be the North Koreans behind this attack, it will only prove totalitarianism has no sense of humor. This isn’t surprising as it has always been that way. What is shocking is the cowardice shown in the face of this threat. How shameful of Sony to buckle to the pressure of the cyberterrorists. Freedom of speech and freedom from censorship are two bedrock American principles. What precedent does this set for the future? This may have started with a comedy, but this response isn’t amusing in the slightest.

2015-01-06 – “Editorial - Running for two offices” [Page: A4]
As was reported in an Associated Press story we published Thursday, state Sen. Mike Delph is set to introduce a measure allowing Gov. Mike Pence to run for both re-election and the presidency simultaneously.

2015-01-13 – “Editorial - Boost, but for whom?” [Page: A4]
Gov. Mike Pence has suggested an increase in school funding in his budget proposal released Thursday. But, there is a catch: Most of that would go to private school vouchers and charter schools.

2015-01-20 – “Editorial - Court finally ready to speak” [Page: A4]

Finally. As reported in an Associated Press story we published Saturday, the Supreme Court of the United States is set to rule on whether same-sex couples have a right under the Constitution to marry everywhere in the country.

2015-02-06 – “Editorial - Gun training should be mandatory” [Page: A4]

No matter what you think of gun rights in this country, one thing should be clear: It only takes one moment of inattention, one pull of the trigger to bring someone’s life to an abrupt conclusion. Some training and respect for firearms really isn't not much to ask of those who wish to wield such power in public. We recognize the need when it comes to automobiles, why not here? It certainly won’t prevent every accident, but it couldn’t hurt.

2015-02-15 – “Editorial - Beheading law is inane” [Page: A5]
This is an easy issue for legislators to get behind because there’s very little risk associated with being tough on beheading. It smacks of a pre-made political ad.

2015-02-22 – “Editorial - Freedom to discriminate” [Page: A4]
This discriminatory legislation is mean-spirited and economically nonsensical, especially to those who don’t have the luxury of shopping around.

2015-03-04 – “Editorial - Let's talk about sex” [Page: A4]
Clearly, our policy of just say no isn’t cutting it for our young people, especially our girls who are becoming pregnant and suffering sexual violence at much higher rates than most of the rest of the nation. These numbers are an embarrassment and cry out for an instant course correction. Education and understanding is the only way out of this mess, not another helping of ignorance.

2015-03-08 – “Editorial - Time for some spring cleaning” [Page: A5]
Re-published: March 29, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
Showing pride in your property encourages neighbors to show pride in theirs. Such a community shouts civic pride to visitors. Show your community spirit and help Kokomo bloom this spring.

2015-03-15 – “Editorial - Think before you hit 'send'” [Page: A5]
Don’t put anything in an email that you wouldn’t mind seeing on the front page of the newspaper. This modern cliché has come to life for several state and national figures recently.

2015-03-22 – “Editorial - Thanks for not signing” [Page: A4]

The Obama administration currently is working with the United Kingdom, Russia, China, France and Germany on a sensitive nuclear deal with Iran. The deadline for such a compact is March 31. Time is of the essence, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. So, when Tom Cotton, Arkansas’ junior senator, used his 65th day in office to issue a direct letter to Iranian leaders March 9, his breach of the Constitution and general protocol made waves throughout the world.

2015-03-29 – “Editorial - State GOP ignores the economy” [Page: A4]

Re-published: March 29, 2015, Pharos-Tribune [Page: A4]

Adopted June 7, 2014, the Indiana Republican Party could have begun the platform with any topic. It chose the heading: “Jobs and Economic Growth.” “We are committed to creating an environment where jobs and our economy can grow,” it read. “The proper role of government in this equation is to get out of the way .... The Pence Administration’s overarching goal is more jobs in Indiana than ever before.” After what happened in secret Thursday, the state’s GOP should renounce this platform as a matter of consistency. Republican Gov. Mike Pence convened a private ceremony wherein he signed Senate Bill 101, the state’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.” No one in his circle should be shocked by the backlash. It’s not as if they weren’t warned.

2015-04-03 – “Editorial - Exchanges are needed” [Page: A4]

This is frustrating beyond words. Perhaps if we had needle exchanges in the state to begin with, an emergency measure wouldn’t need to be passed. And while we applaud the governor for finally allowing some exchanges, he apparently doesn’t understand the magnitude of the crisis and still opposes them statewide.

2015-04-12 – “Editorial - State’s ‘Reefer Madness’” [Page: A5]
This isn’t about recreational marijuana, or even medical marijuana. Those terms would only serve to confuse the debate here. You can’t get high on hemp no matter how hard you try. What we’re talking about here is sick kids and their parents. Why must Indiana continue to be stuck in this backward mode when it comes to something this innocuous, especially when we've come so far?

2015-04-19 – “Editorial - Your move, Kokomo” [Page: A5, promo on A1]

This debate isn’t going anywhere. The Legislature punted this for another session with their “fix.” Cities such as Kokomo need to take responsibility and lead where state lawmakers have failed us. We hope the fact this is a municipal election year isn’t inhibiting the mayor and city council from doing what is right. Leaders in Martinsville and other municipalities have spoken with a clear voice. Your move, Kokomo.

2015-04-26 – “Editorial - In politics, cash talks” [Page: A5]

If we want any semblance of democracy to make a return, we have to figure out a way to significantly reduce the amount of money being injected into our political races. This is the game politicians believe they must play in order to remain competitive. Our current state of affairs, both locally and nationally, means years of continued, endless fundraising as elections grow ever costlier. Ideas should rule, not checkbooks.

2015-05-03 – “Editorial - Here come the challengers” [Page: A4]

Clearly, both local and national politicians on the left have learned Napoleon Bonaparte’s famous maxim: “When your enemy is executing a false movement, never interrupt him.”

2015-05-12 – “Editorial - Infant deaths Indiana's shame” [Page: A4]
Indiana is above average, but not by a measure of which anyone should be proud: infant mortality.

2015-05-17 – “Editorial - Reasons for the cull” [Page: A5]

Re-published: 2015-12-27 [Page: A4]

When teachers leave the profession shortly after heading into the workforce, it costs all of us dearly in a myriad of ways. Teachers need our support to do the one thing they desperately want to do: their jobs.

2015-05-24 – “Editorial - Supporting our troops” [Page: A4]
Memorial Day is Monday, which may simply mean a three-day weekend for some people. Kokomo residents should know well the meaning of the holiday centers around honoring those who have died while serving in our armed forces. While those who serve our country are still with us, though, we should show them the respect they deserve. Don’t let the bumper sticker slogan of “Support Our Troops” ring hollow.

2015-06-17 – “Editorial - New net neutrality threat” [Page: A4]
House Republicans have launched a new attack on net neutrality; this time through the purse strings.

2015-06-21 – “Editorial - Down with the rebel flag” [Page: A5]

On Friday, Republican South Carolina state Rep. Norman “Doug” Branno, told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes he would be introducing legislation in December to remove this symbol from the Statehouse. “I had a friend die Wednesday night for no reason other than he was a black man,” Brannon told Hayes in a phone interview. “Sen. Pinckney was an incredible human being. … I’m gonna introduce the bill for that reason.” We applaud Rep. Branno for his courage on this issue. For how can we truly say we mourn the victims of this racist terrorist attack if we still fly this outdated flag of oppression over government offices?

2015-06-28 – “Editorial - 'It is so ordered,' court says” [Page: A4]

Today, we can all celebrate the promises our Constitution makes are now redeemable by all citizens, straight or not. It is amazing how slow progress seems to take most of the time, until moments like this happen and one can hardly keep up. But let us remember how much work we have left to do, and that marriage equality only came about due to the tireless efforts of so many who toiled for this day.

2015-07-05 – “Editorial - Not enough for Wagoner” [Page: A5]
Long after Wagoner himself has passed away, the legacy of his destruction will live on in this community.

2015-07-12 – “Editorial - Mental-health court needed” [Page: A5]
We applaud the county, and especially Judge Parry, for spearheading this program. It does our county no favors when we criminalize mental illness out-of-hand. These offenders need our help, not more punishment for being sick.

2015-07-19 – “Editorial - Baby boxes worth a look [Page: A4]
Re-published: June 14, 2016, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
We should absolutely continue working towards creating conditions for mothers where this won’t seem like an attractive option. While we agree with this notion, it seems cruel to deny these children a shot at life in the meantime.

2015-07-26 – “Editorial - Will GOP tap Trump” [Page: A4]
Trump is a ridiculous person. His campaign, such as it is, mostly hype. But with this many supporters, you ignore it at your own peril.

2015-08-02 – “Editorial - Fox opens up debates to all” [Page: A4]
Seeing another clown car on the horizon, Fox News Channel hinged admittance to the debate stage on who had the averaged highest poll numbers as of two days before the debate. After an outcry, Fox relented.

2015-08-09 – “Editorial - Pence thumbs nose at EPA” [Page: A4]
What’s the use of jobs, governor, if we’re all too ill to work?

2015-08-16 – “Editorial - Restore the Voting Rights Act” [Page: A4]
Re-printed, Aug. 10, 2016 [Page: A4]
Re-printed, July 26, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
With the 50th anniversary of this historic federal law being celebrated this month, we must push our legislators on this issue. Anything less is an insult to those fought for that most fundamental of American freedoms: the right to vote.

2015-08-23 – “Editorial - Our dispatch is in disarray” [Page: A5]
These are but a few of the ways we could improve matters. Fingers being pointed help no one. There is an amicable way to resolve this. It doesn’t have to be political just because we’re in a campaign season. For everyone’s safety, please, work together and fix this.

2015-08-28 – “Editorial - Don't view the videos” [Page: A4]

Let us pause here and recognize the brave efforts of Parker, Ward and the entire WDBJ-TV news team. Even in his last moments, Ward's camera managed to capture a parting image of his murderer. This screen grab was crucial to law enforcement, which used it to identify Flanagan. In the following hours, the WDBJ journalists who kept reporting through their tears and grief earned our respect. That’s how you honor these journalists, by doing your job the way it’s meant to be done. Even under the worst circumstances.

2015-08-30 – “Editorial - Three cheers for recycling

Our community must maintain its commitment to recycling. We cannot allow our waste to be disposed of in the manner in which we’ve become accustomed. Any of us of who have children have more than enough motivation to push for this. The continued wanton use of our finite resources will lead to our ultimate ruin without drastic change in our lifetimes. We can’t keep living in a disposable, one-time-use world if we have any chance of handing the next generation a shot at a bright future.

2015-09-08 – “Editorial - Indiana needs new drug plan” [Page: A4]

We commend Pence for realizing the seriousness of this issue. However, we hold our applause until we find out what answers this commission comes back with. If it’s nothing more than the same punitive, get-tough nonsense we’ve been seeing for the last half a century, then it should be back to the drawing board. We will expect nothing less than a radical course change. Otherwise, 45 years from now we’ll be right back in the same position — if not worse.

2015-09-20 – “Editorial - Zero tolerance with zero sense” [Page: A5]

Ahmed Mohamed says he’s going to transfer school districts. Charges will not be filed, and he has been invited to share his clock with President Obama. But not everyone gets to be a cause célèbre. Sometimes you just get your future severely hampered over nothing.

2015-09-27 – “Editorial - Trump, Carson court bigotry” [Page: A4]
Unlike more establishment Republicans like Powell and McCain, these outsiders with no government experience aren’t eschewing fact-free bigotry. Quite to the contrary: they are downright courting it. Granted, we are still in primary season when candidates speak to the base of the party instead of attempting to broaden their appeal to a general audience, but as Americans we should be ever wary of this small-minded pandering.

2015-10-04 – “Editorial - Light at end of the tunnel” [Page: A5]
If all goes to plan, we’ll have more jobs, curbside recycling and a fiscally solvent plan to keep it all running. Now that there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, let’s see this through to the end.

2015-10-18 – “Editorial -Greentown utility rates out of control” [Page: A4]
This is negatively impacting the school district, residents and businesses. Look at the big picture, town council. This problem isn’t going away.

2015-10-25 – “Editorial - Prescription for disaster” [Page: A5]
Re-published: 2015-12-23 [Page: A4]
It’s time for our country to seriously consider joining the rest of developed world. Inaction is not an option as Shkreli and his ilk will continue turning obscene profits off the misery of others at every opportunity.

2015-11-01 – “Editorial - Good luck, Paul Ryan” [Page: A4]
Even if you’re not a Republican, you shouldn’t wish for the current state of gridlock to continue. Our government requires a functioning legislative branch. Let’s hope Ryan is up to the task.

2015-11-08 – “Editorial - Clerk's office flubs results” [Page: A4]
Election Day is on the calendar all year. Officials have ample time to prepare for this inherently busy day for local government. This sort of bungling is going to be a lot less tolerable when more voters make their way to the polls. We issue this reprimand only because we want to see our democracy function as smoothly as possible.

2015-11-15 – “Editorial - Think first, act last” [Page: A4, Promo: A1]
To the people of France: We love you. We mourn with you. You were our country’s first ally and we stand with you now. It’s not just our shared love of free assembly and expression that makes our two countries great. If we want to defeat these murdering fascists, we have to remember to take advantage of the one activity they refuse to engage in: critical thinking. The lone goal of a terrorist is to inspire terror. They win when we react in mindless fear.

2015-11-29 – “Editorial - Pence says no to refugees” [Page: A5]
Americans are apprehensive, but this is when we need leaders to reassure us and point out America’s long-held policy of bringing in refugees.

2015-12-06 – “Editorial - Raise the gas tax” [Page: A4]
Whatever happens, the legislature and Gov. Pence need to be proactive, not reactive. We need a long-term solution, not short-term thinking. Let’s maintain our roads in a timely manner. We need income coming in to address maintenance issues on an ongoing basis. It’s not as if we can afford to let the roads we have completely deteriorate.

2015-12-13 – “Editorial - Trump plays an old game” [Page: A5]
Re-published: Jan. 31, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
Trump is incredibly cynical. He’s playing his supporters like a fiddle. He knows exactly what he is doing. He knows a lot of people feel this way, and he’s just shameless enough to tap into that fervor.

2016-01-24 – “Editorial - Something in the water” [Page: A4]
What is happening to the people of Flint, Michigan, is nothing less than an ongoing tragedy.

2016-01-31 – “Editorial - Thin-skinned Donald Trump” [Page: A5]
Surely, these will not be the last such outbursts we see from Trump before his candidacy is through. Just remember this childish behavior the next time he tries to explain how tough and in favor of free speech he is.

2016-02-21 – “Editorial - 8-judge court helps no one” [Page: A5]
Whatever they may be saying now, the Republican establishment really doesn’t want an extended period to elapse with an eight-judge Supreme Court.

2016-02-28 – “Editorial - Wintery driving tips” [Page: A5]

It’s February and, as you may have noticed, winter weather became a fact of life for commuters once again last week. We all want to get where we’re going as quickly and safely as possible. In that spirit, we are presenting this short list of winter weather driving tips.

2016-03-06 – “Editorial - Parties look past voters” [Page: A5]

If these elites had wanted to stop to these upstarts, they should have struck back in legitimate ways much earlier in the campaigns. Otherwise, what was all this for?

2016-03-13 – “Editorial - Register to vote now” [Page: A4]
You can share all the social media posts and articles and talking points you want, but the only way to have any real impact on your leaders, both local and national, is to register to vote and then actually show up on Election Day.

2016-03-22 – “Editorial - Senators, do your job” [Page: A4]
As he promised to do, President Barack Obama made his selection Wednesday for the vacant Supreme Court seat left open by the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. His pick was Merrick Garland, who is the chief federal judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

2016-03-27 – “Editorial - Remember our deputy” [Page: A5]
So, today, as you enjoy your ham or hunt for Easter eggs, remember those closest to Deputy Koontz, and the family and friends of others who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Holidays, birthdays and other special occasions will never be the same for them. We can never fix the deep pain they are no doubt feeling right now. But, we can offer our support.

2016-04-03 – “Editorial - Officials must rethink LLCs” [Page: A4]
According to an exclusive report by Tony Cook of The Indianapolis Star Tuesday, “a special prosecutor has been appointed to look into allegations that Monarch Beverage, the state’s largest beer distributor, illegally funneled more than $1.5 million in campaign contributions to some of Indiana’s most powerful elected officials.”

2016-04-10 – “Editorial - Highest court at least works” [Page: A4]
With all this gridlock and obstructionism, we can at least take solace in the Supreme Court’s 8-to-0 decision Monday in the case of Evenwel v. Abbott.

2016-04-15 – “Editorial - Celebrate vinyl revival” [Page: A4]
In recognition and encouragement of this sea change, Record Store Day has become an annual event across the country. This Saturday is no exception.

2016-04-24 – “Editorial - Vote early, vote once” [Page: A4]
While you take the time to peruse our election guide we’ve printed in today’s paper, don’t waste any time in choosing your candidates, especially since it’s fresh on your mind.

2016-05-15 – “Editorial - Evangelicals lose ground” [Page: A4]
For an insight into the evangelical right’s loss of efficacy in the state of Indiana, look no further than our esteemed Gov. Mike Pence. The devout Republican head of state has been grasping at straws lately, and he doesn’t even seem to understand why.

2016-05-22 – “Editorial - Rokita bill will hurt schoolkids” [Page: A4]
The bill currently making its way through the U.S. House of Representatives would change the federal requirements for schools to offer free meals to all students.

2016-05-31 – “Editorial - Walkable Kokomo” [Page: A4]
As Speck put it, there are four requirements for making the walk enticing, that it be: useful, safe, comfortable and interesting. Though we are improving all the time as a city, we’ve come a long way to attaining that goal.

2016-06-05 – “Editorial - Don’t believe the hype” [Page: A5, promo on A1]

The fact released Tuesday in a report by the Pew Research Center that the Kokomo metro area had the largest wage drop in the entire country between 2000 and 2015 certainly didn’t sound like good news on the face of it. Removed from any context, this figure certainly sounded scary.

2016-06-12 – “Editorial - Put down that phone” [Page: A5]

There are now more crashes related to texting and driving than drinking and driving.

2016-06-19 – “Editorial - Why do civilians need an AR-15?” [Page: A4]
The sad truth is that re-banning the AR-15 and the like won’t even begin to address the most prevalent weapon used in mass shootings: legally obtained handguns. That’s a much thornier issue. But, if we can’t even call the AR-15-style rifle a step too far, how do we imagine we’ll ever be able to address the larger gun problem in this country?

2016-06-26 – “Editorial - A skewed perception” [Page: A4]
To us, the words “actual or perceived” mean you can’t discriminate against someone simply based on the fact you interpret them a certain way. Perceptions and assumptions can be wrong. And we hope we don’t have to tell you what happens when you assume.

2016-07-05 – “Editorial – Gun research block continues” [Page: A4]
Re-published: Oct. 4, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
Cold, hard facts should always be welcome in a debate as serious as this one. No one is saying either side can’t have their intractable positions. What we are saying is that without the needed data in hand, we can’t have an intelligent discussion on this issue. The CDC is uniquely qualified to do this research, yet it isn't allowed to do so for purely political reasons.

2016-07-10 – “Editorial - Track opioid deaths, state” [Page: A4]
Re-published: Feb. 7, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
Legislation should be considered by the state that would require every county to report opioid overdose deaths. This is now an issue in every state in the country and swift action is needed. Sharing data in a streamlined way should be the first order of business. This sort of information will be key, as local jurisdictions struggle with the idea of setting up what has been a controversial program.

2016-07-17 – “Editorial - Let's all talk to each other” [Page: A4]
Like every city in the nation, Kokomo has had a well-documented and fraught history with race relations. This isn’t news, or shouldn’t be, anyway. What matters now is how we move forward.

2016-07-24 – “Editorial - They liked Mike, not Ted” [Page: A4]
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention in Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland started out well enough. He congratulated one-time rival and now Republican nominee Donald Trump to applause. Then, the wheels started to come off.

2016-07-31 – “Editorial - Council's jail vote foolish” [Page: A4]
It’s difficult to put into words our frustration after Tuesday’s Howard County Council meeting. As Tribune reporter George Myers wrote in his story published Wednesday, a majority of councilmen rejected a perfectly logical, cost-saving solution for an exponentially more expensive path, with no hope of succeeding.

2016-08-14 – “Editorial - Trump lacks in leadership” [Page: A4]
Donald Trump is a unique public speaker. He knows how to excite and entertain the crowd before him better than most. He can sense what will titillate. He knows how to creep right up to the edge of saying something truly bombastic, and leave just enough wiggle room to squirm out of in case his japes go south.

2016-09-25 – “Editorial - Talk issues, stop attacks” [Page: A4]
We need specifics on your ideas, not generalities from both of you. The future of our country is hanging in the balance. “Believe me” isn’t going to cut it.

2016-10-04 – “Editorial - Why select journalists?” [Page: A4]
If the moderator is just meant to keep the flow of the debate moving and nothing else, maybe we could get that deep-voiced guy who does the voice-overs in all the movie previews to do it? Why have a journalist serve in this role at all?

2016-10-09 – “Editorial - Hillary Clinton for president” [Page: A4]
With early voting starting Wednesday, she is the Kokomo Tribune editorial board’s unanimous choice for president.

2016-10-16 – “Editorial - Vaccinate your dogs” [Page: A4]
Re-published: Oct. 17, 2017, Kokomo Tribune [Page: A4]
Though there’s no remedy if animals do come down with the ailment, immunization is effective.

2016-10-30 – “Editorial - Leave the vets alone” [Page: A4]
So let’s spell this out: Men and women who bravely served overseas, who put their lives on hold and on the line to rejoin the military, were suddenly asked to give back the money they were promised long after most of them had probably spent it? You have to be kidding.

2016-11-06 – “Editorial - Early voting a success” [Page: A4]
This election perfectly shows why early voting is not only popular, but necessary. Howard County has cottoned to the concept quite well.

2016-11-20 – “Editorial - Three cheers for solar park” [Page: A4]
As Tribune reporter George Myers wrote in his front-page story Wednesday, the finish line is in sight for Kokomo’s new solar park.

2016-12-04 – “Editorial - Division Road light must go” [Page: A4]
Often one or two vehicles will stop at the Division Road light, holding up all passing traffic on U.S. 31 for no reason. A stop sign at this juncture would serve just as well.

2016-12-11 – “Editorial - Trump must take briefings” [Page: A4]
You don’t know everything, Mr. President-elect. It’s time to start cracking the books.

2017-01-10 – “Editorial - Coats good fit for intelligence” [Page: A4]
President-elect Donald Trump Thursday selected former Indiana Sen. Dan Coats to lead the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, according to The Associated Press.

2017-01-15 – “Editorial - 'No-coffee' law needed” [Page: A4]
When the people send their fellow citizens to the Statehouse, they do so with the understanding that they will be representing those who put them there and no one else. The current solution is a half-measure and nowhere near good enough. Delph’s instincts on this issue are correct.

2017-01-19 – “Editorial - Thanks, Obama” [Page: A4]
“Thanks, Obama!” That’s been a catchphrase for the 44th president’s critics. But in this context, we mean it sincerely.

2017-01-22 – “Editorial - Trump paints bleak picture” [Page: A4]
If Friday’s inauguration address was any indication, President Donald Trump doesn’t think much of the state of the nation he now leads.

2017-01-29 – “Editorial - Remember those who died” [Page: A4]
Taking humans to space and returning them to Earth is an utterly mind-boggling proposition if you stop to think about it. On balance, it’s amazing so few have lost their lives while reaching toward the stars. But, for those who have sacrificed themselves in this endeavor, we thank you. We won’t forget your sacrifice.

2017-02-01 – “Editorial - Senators still must do their jobs” [Page: A4]
It is a travesty Garland didn’t get a fair hearing. It shouldn’t be repeated with Gorsuch.

2017-02-03 – “Editorial - Time to end Sunday ban” [Page: A4]
It’s embarrassing for our state to be so behind the rest of the country on this matter. There’s no defense for keeping the ban. Boots’ bill should be approved. We’ll raise a glass to that.

2017-02-05 – “Editorial - Time to end the dinner” [Page: A4]
How, exactly, does one maintain that adversarial spirit when you’re hobnobbing with the very sources you’re supposed to be covering and jockeying for space on the red carpet?

2017-02-12 – “Editorial - Gov. Holcomb starts strong” [Page: A4]
If Holcomb keeps this up he may be remembered as one of the best governors we’ve had yet. We wish him continued success.

2017-02-19 – “Editorial - Drug price hike unfair” [Page: A4]
We know the cost of opioid addiction in Howard County, and if this drug becomes unaffordable, the drug companies responsible for this price hike have blood on their hands.

2017-02-23 – “Editorial - Rights vote anniversary” [Page: A4]
We once again praise the Common Council for their vision on this issue. It's a good thing we didn't wait for someone higher up the food chain to make a similar stand. We'd still be waiting for them to do the right thing.

2017-02-26 – “Editorial - 'Face your constituents'” [Page: A4]
It's not just that they are denying their voters the right to meet with them face-to-face, they are also denying themselves the opportunity to listen to their concerns in person. Both sides lose out.

2017-03-02 – “Editorial - Time for smoking ban” [Page: A4]
We hope both legislative bodies will do the right thing Monday and approve the county-wide ban.

2017-03-05 – “Editorial - PASTArrific should rise again” [Page: A4]
We look forward to the restaurant opening once again, and not just because of the food. We want to see the people behind it get back on their feet as well.

2017-03-12 – “Editorial - Sunshine Week begins” [Page: A4]
Today marks the start of Sunshine Week 2017. This highlighting of open government was established in 2005 by the American Society of News Editors. This year, ASNE, The Associated Press and the Associated Press Media Editors, a group representing AP-affiliated news organizations, are teaming up to mark the importance of press freedoms for Sunshine Week and beyond.

2017-03-16 – “Editorial - A look into our past” [Page: A4]
Facing what has happened in the past is an important part of navigating the future. Simply forgetting it because it doesn’t fit into a neatly-packaged narrative does no one any good. There will be other messy historical incidents that will need to be remembered as time progresses. May they be treated with the same respect as this episode.

2017-03-19 – “Editorial - AHCA will hurt Trump voters” [Page: A4]
If the AHCA passes, it promises to directly target the very voters who led Trump and the GOP to victory in November. What happens next should be remembered by these “forgotten men and women.”

2017-03-23 – “Editorial - $20 per hour for public records?” [Page: A4]
This isn't a problem only for journalists. You, the public, will be kept more in the dark than ever if this passes. Call your legislator and demand this unfair idea be voted down.

2017-03-24 – “Editorial - Spring break home safety” [Page: A4]
As any student enrolled in Kokomo's schools could tell you, two weeks of glorious spring break officially begins at the end of today's school day. For many families in the area it will mean getting out of town. So, with that in mind, here are some tips culled from a longer list by Sara Elliot of HowStuffWorks for keeping your home safe while on spring break.

2017-03-24 – “Editorial - Now let’s fix the ACA” [Page: A4]
Now the real work begins. No one on any side of the health care debate thinks Obamacare is perfect; far from it. It was a major improvement from the state of affairs it replaced, but it still needs much work.

2017-03-30 – “Editorial - More pre-K funding needed” [Page: A4]
We need to invest all we can into helping our children get ahead during this integral time. It will pay off for all of us in the end if we do.

2017-04-02 - “Editorial - State’s alcohol laws a mess” [Page: A4]
This may not come as a shock to you, but Indiana’s alcohol sales laws are a mess.

2017-04-06 – “Editorial - Civil Rights Act protects LGBT” [Page: A4]
We believe Posner and the majority ruled correctly in this case. We hope the nation’s highest court will follow the same logic if this case reaches their chambers.

2017-04-09 – “Editorial - McConnell’s cynical plan pays off” [Page: A4]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, broke two longstanding American political traditions during the last 13 months, and it will pay off for decades to come.

2017-04-13 – “Editorial - Beginning to address alcohol laws” [Page: A4]
We haven’t fixed the state’s jumbled alcohol laws by any measure, but the first step in the direction of a solution has to be admitting we have a problem.

2017-04-14 – “Editorial - Student journalists deserve protection” [Page: A4]
House Bill 1130 would have been a powerful affirmation of the First Amendment in Indiana. That was, if it had only passed. The student journalists behind the push have seen their effort disintegrate in the face of cold, hard bureaucracy.

2017-04-16 – “Editorial - Big box failing, so shop local” [Page: A4]
When you shop locally you’re investing in your community. It’s time to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

2017-04-20 – “Editorial - Record Store Day here again” [Page: A4]
Since the first one in 2008, Record Store Day has been celebrated every April in cities across the country. Saturday will see yet another year of music and fun as American Dream Hi Fi, located at 109 E. Sycamore St., is set to take part once again.

2017-04-23 – “Editorial - Governor should veto solar bill” [Page: A4]
A bill which would make it less desirable to use renewable energy in our state, Senate Bill 309, is headed to the desk of Gov. Eric Holcomb. If he signs it, Hoosiers will be seeking to harness renewable energy will be stymied unnecessarily for years to come.

2017-04-27 – “Editorial - House should subpoena documents” [Page: A4]
Re-published: April 28, 2017, Pharos-Tribune [Page: A4]
Gen. Michael Flynn is in quite a pickle, and he seems to know it.

2017-04-30 – “Editorial - Kohl's vote hurts local governments” [Page: A4, promo on A1]
For each of the 92 counties in the state, Thursday’s decision at the Indiana Supreme Court will have disastrous consequences.

2017-05-05 – “Editorial - Congress exempts themselves from AHCA” [Page: A4]
Just how unpopular is the American Health Care Act, which just barely passed the House of Representatives on Thursday? The House Republicans who voted for it don’t even want it for themselves.

2017-05-07 – “Editorial - French hack an attack on democracy” [Page: A4]
Color us not shocked if it turns out Russian hackers were behind the French attack. Whatever the case, these online attacks aren’t just targeted at the candidates themselves, but the idea of democracy itself. In the 21st century we must realize this is the new way wars will be fought. We must remain vigilant or we will all further suffer the consequences.

2017-05-12 – “Editorial - Independent Russia investigation needed” [Page: A4]
What we need is an independent investigation to figure out exactly what happened. Anything less is a threat to the future of our country.

2017-05-14 – “Editorial - Mother’s Day by the numbers” [Page: A4]
It was just over a century ago that the first Mother’s Day was officially recognized by the federal government. It began as a pair of local celebrations, which quickly expanded.

2017-05-18 – “Editorial - Facts on Comey, Trump needed now” [Page: A4]
The nation demands answers. We’re done with the insinuations and whispers. We hope Mueller will expedite this process.

2017-05-21 – “Editorial - Sessions issues draconian guidelines” [Page: A4]
Mandatory minimums unfairly punish nonviolent offenders with unnecessarily harsh sentences. These policies hurt more than just the convicts themselves, but also the families, friends and communities they leave behind while incarcerated. The longer they are away the harder it is to reintegrate into society when they do return. We know these draconian approaches don’t work because we’ve already tried them.

2017-05-26 – “Editorial - All they did was ask” [Page: A4]
These developments are disturbing to say the least. How we respond to these incidents will either discourage or encourage repeat performances by others. Reporters have an obligation to ask officials questions in public spaces. This is not how adults in the United States should behave.

2017-06-11 – “Editorial - Trump must testify” [Page: A4]
Whatever Comey’s flaws, he took the legal plunge. If Trump insists on sticking with his story, he should have no problem doing the same. This is one pledge Trump should be made to honor.

2017-06-15 – “Editorial - Violence knows no party” [Page: A4]
These are hideous, specious arguments no matter who makes them. In both cases, unhinged men with guns ambushed sitting lawmakers. The political persuasions of these people were irrelevant. Unstable folks with access to firearms populate both ends of the political spectrum. If and when something like this happens again, don’t make a fool of yourself by conveniently forgetting this fact.

2017-06-18 – “Editorial - Fathers deserve recognition” [Page: A4]
Don’t let their sacrifices and hard work go unnoticed.

2017-06-22 – “Editorial - Library more than books” [Page: A4]
Starting Aug. 4, the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library will be able to claim a very special title. “[The library] will become what is thought to be the first library in the world to host a piece of art by the street artist Banksy,” Caele Pemberton, Tribune reporter, wrote in today’s front page story.

2017-06-25 – “Editorial - Gerrymandering a bipartisan problem” [Page: A4]
Re-published: June 25, 2017, Pharos-Tribune [Page: A4]
For whatever reason, committee member State Sen. Brandt Hershman, R-Buck Creek, hasn’t seen this problem as a problem at all. Both Democrats and Republicans have benefited from gerrymandering in the past. This time, the state GOP is set to reap the rewards again in four years if nothing is done. We hope Bosma, Long and Torr make good on their promise of pushing the bipartisan independent commission idea forward before then. Short term gains for one party or another shouldn’t come before voters’ rights to be represented equitably.

2017-07-02 – “Editorial - Protect yourself from ransomware” [Page: A4]
Here are some general tips to help keep you safe from this growing threat.

2017-07-06 – “Editorial - You can’t shame the shameless” [Page: A4]
Christie’s poll numbers have been careening toward single digits, and he seems all but determined to drive them ever closer to zero. Not that it matters, though, as Christie is term-limited and cannot run again. We would call this fiasco an embarrassment, but it’s obviously not the right word. If nothing else, this mess proves you can’t shame someone who has no shame.

2017-07-09 – “Editorial - Legislators value informed citizenry” [Page: A4]
April 22, the state’s legislative session ended a week early. To commemorate this milestone, Stephen Key, executive director and general counsel of the Hoosier State Press Association, sent a series of letters to local legislators June 30.

2017-07-16 – “Editorial - Construction means growth” [Page: A4]
We listen to our readers, and we’ve heard it from both sides when it comes to road construction and repair in the city of Kokomo.

2017-07-20 – “Editorial - ‘Let it fail’ not a plan” [Page: A4]
Congressional Republicans’ quest to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, just can’t seem to get across the finish line. After the American Health Care Act barely passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 217 to 213 on May 3, the Senate’s version died an unceremonious death early this week.

2017-07-23 – “Editorial - Assets will be seized” [Page: A4]

As we’ve written before, Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems determined to return this country to the depths of the bad old days of the so-called Drug War. First, he issued new draconian sentencing guidelines which instructed prosecutors to pursue the most serious, readily provable offense, including those which carry mandatory minimum sentences. And on Wednesday, he revived yet another reviled aspect from this chapter of American law enforcement.

2017-07-27 – “Editorial - McCain returns to the Senate” [Page: A4]

As Congress debates both this and many other important issues, we hope the goodwill McCain has engendered across the aisle will allow his fellow lawmakers to hear the words he spoke this week. It will be essential to tackling the work we expect our legislators to do when we send them to Washington, D.C.

2017-07-30 – “Editorial - Russia sanctions a bipartisan effort” [Page: A4]
It’s heartening to see our representatives come together to work toward a common goal which reinforces our shared national sovereignty. There are other issues looming just over the horizon such as the debt ceiling, tax reform and, yes, stabilizing the Affordable Care Act’s insurance markets. We hope these lawmakers are able to find common ground again and again. That’s what politics at its best look like.

2017-08-03 – “Editorial - Transgender transgression” [Page: A4]
For now, no changes have been implemented. Tuesday, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft told the Center for Strategic and International Studies he will “not break faith” with transgender service members. We hope this is as far as Trump’s ill-conceived plan goes, but if it continues, it would be nice if more than 140 characters of thought were put into it before it was unleashed.

2017-08-06 – “Editorial - Executive needs to be checked” [Page: A4]
For right now, we desperately need Mueller protected from Trump while he works on his investigation. In a larger sense, let this be a lesson for the future about the separation of powers and their importance.

2017-08-10 – “Editorial - Needle programs need funding” [Page: A4]
We here in Howard County have recognized that the opioid issue is not an entirely law enforcement program. Social help is needed. Mental health help is needed. Addiction help is needed. This isn’t a simple problem, and it won’t be solved with a simple solution. It will take hard work on multiple fronts, and we’ll need all the necessary tools on the table.

2017-08-13 – “Editorial - Trump fails to call out Nazis” [Page: A4]
This isn’t hard, Mr. President. Nazis are bad. You can say it.

2017-08-17 – “Editorial - 'Alt-' wrong” [Page: A4]
We already had terms to describe these beliefs. We don’t require intentionally confusing new ones.

2017-08-20 – “Editorial - Liquor lobby well represented” [Page: A4]
We hope this panel can overcome the financial incentives to work for one party’s interests, and instead go to work for their constituents. It remains to be seen if they can, though. Actions will speak louder than words.

2017-08-25 – “Editorial - Handgun permits are needed” [Page: A4]
No one is saying Hoosiers can’t have handguns. And, in this case, no one is even proposing more restrictions than are currently in place. All that’s being asked by law enforcement personnel is to keep what we have. That’s all.

2017-08-27 – “Editorial - Rokita should focus on his job” [Page: A4]
The residents of District 4 are your supervisors, Rep. Rokita, and we see where your wandering eyes are focused for the time being — and it’s not on us.

2017-09-03 – “Editorial - Protect the DREAMers” [Page: A4]
These DREAMers represent the best of America, which is the only country most of them have ever known. If the president won’t move to protect them, then the legislative branch must do what it has failed to do in the past and defend this vulnerable population.

2017-09-10 – “Editorial - Trump tries bipartisanship” [Page: A4]
This could very well be temporary, but it's certainly the first time we’ve seen the president take the lead like this.

2017-09-14 – “Editorial - County supports hotel project” [Page: A4]
We’re glad to see the county is participating financially in the convention center. Even though the location is set to be in downtown Kokomo, this affects the whole county. What’s good for Kokomo is good for all of Howard County, and vice versa. We have a mutually beneficial relationship between the two entities, and it’s encouraging to see our local leaders recognize that fact.

2017-09-17 – “Editorial - How to write letters, releases” [Page: A4]
A pair of interactions with readers this week got us thinking it was time for a quick reminder.

2017-09-21 – “Editorial - Celebrate Banned Books Week” [Page: A4]
There’s nothing wrong with monitoring your family’s reading habits. What is wrong is to issue blanket rules of taste. Just because you’ve decided something is inappropriate, it doesn't mean everyone else must live by your same standard. Freedom of expression is one of those cornerstones of a free society which we all too often take for granted. The price we must pay for enjoying this luxury is sticking up for free speech, even — and especially — when it’s controversial.

2017-09-21 – “Editorial - McCain leads the way again” [Page: A4]
Here we have a famous Hoosier Democrat and a decorated Republican statesman and hero saying the same thing. Most people in the middle want bipartisanship. True leaders of every political stripe understand this.

2017-09-28 – “Editorial - Lift Jones Act for Puerto Rico” [Page: A4]
McCain is right. This is simply unacceptable. Puerto Ricans — American citizens — are facing a desperate situation that has already spiraled into a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Arcane protectionist maritime laws are keeping valuable resources from reaching the people who desperately need it. We must act as decisively as we have done during previous emergencies. Time is of the essence.

2017-10-01 – “Editorial - Tax plan no ‘miracle’” [Page: A4]
The middle class needs a miracle all right, but this isn’t it.

2017-10-05 – “Editorial - Ban bump stocks” [Page: A4]
There’s never a better time than right now to address what ails us. This should be an easy issue for politicians of both parties to get behind. It has nothing to do with banning the weapons themselves. What we should be doing is finding something, anything, we can do to try to limit the body count so that the next Stephen Paddock has just that much harder of a time mowing down scores of innocents.

2017-10-12 – “Editorial - Holcomb continues winning streak” [Page: A4]
As far as who will come into contact with the most vulnerable to the opioid epidemic, you’d be hard pressed to find a more suited position than township government. These are the people who are tasked with helping those who need it the most in our state. They will have the most opportunities to access on the ground who needs what kind of help, and direct them toward resources sooner rather than later.

2017-10-12 – “Editorial - Pence the paid protester” [Page: A4]
Ever since Trump’s inauguration, baseless rumors of the protesters demonstrating against the administration being paid have swirled. As it turns out, Pence himself turns out to have been the paid protester after all. What a twist.

2017-10-15 – “Editorial - FEMA thresholds too high for us” [Page: A4]
We are the richest country in the history of the world. This is a promise we can keep if we set our minds to it.

2017-10-19 – “Editorial - Sharing records aids in opioid fight” [Page: A4]
This news is a welcome step in the right direction. We’re certainly nowhere near out of the woods yet, but we need to get the facts straight if we have any hope of beating back this scourge.

2017-10-22 – “Editorial - Ban still the right move” [Page: A4]
What we can say with certainty is that the health benefits will be evident. As Howard County Commissioner Paul Wyman has repeatedly pointed out, Howard County is listed in the bottom half of health rankings for Indiana’s 92 counties. If we can improve our ranking, the health care savings will more than pay for any lost revenue.

2017-11-02 - “Editorial - Taking on opioids locally” [Page: A4] Tribune reporter George Myers wrote in his Oct. 26 story, we're dealing with a historically fatal opioid crisis here in Howard County.

2017-11-05 - “Editorial - Marching bands deserve recognition” [Page: A4]
On Saturday, the 45th annual Indiana State School Music Association's marching band finals was held at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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