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Rob Burgess - NUVO - Article List

From July 30, 2018 to June 9, 2019, I served as the News Editor at NUVO. I wrote, edited, and published news coverage for biweekly print edition and daily online. I took photos, edited video, and created multimedia for special projects. I wrote my weekly column, House of Burgess. I wrote and coordinated 2018 NUVO Midterm Voters Guide featuring candidates from 30 congressional, state, and county races; and a 2019 Municipal Primary Election Voters Guide featuring Indianapolis City-County Council and mayoral candidates. I administered the ongoing Hearken and GroundSource grant programs in order to facilitate greater reader engagement.

On Aug. 16, 2018, my "House of Burgess" column, "We Are Not the Enemy," was published in NUVO solidarity along with more than 300 other newspapers in defense of the free press.
The #FreePress initiative originated with Marjorie Pritchard, deputy managing editor of the Boston Globe’s opinion page.
On Aug. 27, 2018, Shailee Shah, community relations co-op at Boston Globe Media, contacted NUVO.
“A sincere thanks for participating in the #FreePress project. The Boston Globe is currently in the process of turning the editorials written last week into a book or magazine,” she wrote. “We'd like to include your editorial in the compilation and need a few things from you in order to do that. We are also updating the Globe's website to include more editorials."

In response, I provided permission to reprint the column, the headline, a pull quote, a link to the online story or a PDF if it appeared only in print, the publication's Twitter handle, and the mailing address of the publication.
Bulen Symposium

On Dec. 4, 2018, I was honored to be asked by Aaron Dusso, department chair and associate professor of political science, to be a part of the Media Panel at the L. Keith Bulen Symposium held every two years at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Guest speaker at Feature Writing class at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
I was honored to be invited by Cory Cathcart, a student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis' Department of Journalism and Public Relations in the School of Liberal Arts, to speak to her 300-level Feature Writing class from 3 to 4:14 p.m. Tuesday, March 26, 2018. The 3-credit lecture class was taught by Chris Lamb.

From Jan. 30 to June 6, 2019, I wrote a weekly newsletter using both Constant Contact and Mailchimp which reached around 3,700 subscribers' inboxes each Wednesday, which had an approximately 25 percent open rate. In it, I described what I had been working on during the week, how readers had been involved in my storytelling, what readers were saying in response, what I needed help with going forward, what was been following in the news, links to relevant stories, and more.

A few months back, we sent a questionnaire to all of the candidates on the Central Indiana ballot in the upcoming Nov. 6 election, the majority of which came directly from NUVO readers. You can read their unedited responses to the questions below, as well as candidate-provided biographies.

We hope this guide is helpful as you decide which candidate most closely reflects your values and deserves your vote. Please feel free to use the Voters Guide question box if we can help you with any additional information or answers between now and Nov. 6.

2018-11-11 - Midterm Election Results 2018
Due to a record number of absentee ballots, the Marion County Clerk's office didn't release the final results until late Thursday. The Indiana Secretary of State's office now reports 100 percent of precincts have submitted their results, but they will not be finalized until 10 days after the election. Therefore, the results for the statewide judge retention questions are not yet available.

2018-11-05 - Voters Guide: When to Ask for a Provisional Ballot
What if you arrive at your assigned polling location on Election Day and you're told your name is not in the poll book? What if you don't have photo ID? What if your vote is challenged for some other reason? What should you do? Answer: You can always vote using a provisional ballot.

2018-11-05 - Voters Guide: Voting For Write-In Candidates
Like a fast food restaurant's secret menu, how to vote for write-in candidates may not be apparent, but you can still make it happen if you know how.

2018-10-31 - Voters Guide: The Roncalli Discrimination Question [Page: 8 and 9]
Our reader, Todd Fuqua, asks: Would you support legislation that would block public dollars from going to private schools if they engage in discriminatory employment practices based on sexual orientation or gender identity?

2018-10-31 - Voters Guide: The Impeachment Question [Page: 7]
We asked candidates for Senate, and House Districts 4, 5, and 7 the following question: “Many people are speculating that if the Democrats retake the House, they will begin impeachment proceedings for President Trump soon after. What would be your criteria be to support impeachment?”

2018-10-18 - NUVO Voters Guide: Donnelly v. Braun
Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, was first elected in 2012, defeating Republican Richard Mourdock to take retiring six-term incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Indiana. Now the only elected statewide Democrat, Donnelly faces a re-election challenge from Republican Mike Braun and Libertarian Lucy Brenton.

2018-10-08 – Voters Guide - US Senate: Third Party
Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, was first elected in 2012, defeating Republican Richard Mourdock to take retiring six-term incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Indiana. Now the only elected statewide Democrat, Donnelly faces a re-election challenge from Republican Mike Braun, as well as several third-party candidates including Libertarian Lucy Brenton and Independent Christopher Fischer.

2018-10-08 – Voters Guide - US House District 4: Baird v Beck
The 4th Congressional District is currently represented by outgoing Republican Rep. Todd Rokita. Since 2010, Baird has represented District 44 in the Indiana House of Representatives. Baird faces Democratic challenger Tobi Beck for the open seat.

2018-10-07 – Voters Guide - US House District 5: Brooks v Thornton
First elected in 2012, incumbent Republican Rep. Susan Brooks is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat Dee Thornton.

2018-10-07 – Voters Guide - US House District 6: Five Candidates
Looking to replace outgoing Republican Rep. Luke Messer are Libertarian Tom Ferkinhoff, Democrat Jeannine Lee Lake, Independent Heather Meloy, Independent John Miller, and Republican Greg Pence.

2018-10-07 – Voters Guide - US House District 7: Carson v Harmon
First elected in 2008, incumbent Democratic Rep. André Carson is running for re-election against Republican challenger Wayne “Gunny” Harmon.

2018-10-07 – Voters Guide - US House District 9: Hollingsworth v Watson
Rep. Trey Hollingsworth, R-Indiana, was first elected to represent the District 9 in the United States House of Representatives in 2016. Previous representative Todd Young left the job when he was voted into his current seat as Senator during the same election. Hollingsworth faces a re-election challenge from Democrat Liz Watson.

2018-10-05 – Voters Guide - Secretary of State: Five Candidates (Shorter version ran in the Oct. 31, 2018 print edition on Page 6.)
Republican Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson was first appointed in 2012 by then Gov. Mitch Daniels after predecessor Charlie White resigned. Lawson faces a re-election challenge from Democratic Party candidate Jim Harper, Pirate Party candidate Jeremy Heath, Libertarian candidate Mark W. Rutherford, and Green Party candidate George W. Wolfe.

2018-10-05 – Voters Guide - State Auditor: Klutz v Whitticker and Schick
This is the first election for Republican Indiana Auditor of State Tera Klutz, who was appointed last year after Gov. Eric Holcomb appointed her to replace now Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch. Klutz is facing a challenge from Democrat Joselyn Whitticker and Libertarian John Schick.

2018-10-05 – Voters Guide - State Treasurer: Mitchell v Aguilera
Republican Indiana Treasurer of State Kelly Mitchell, who was first elected in 2014, faces a challenge from Democrat John C. Aguilera.

2018-10-02 – Voters Guide - IN Senate D-29: Delph v Ford
Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, has represented District 29 in the Indiana Senate since 2005. As was the case in 2014, he is once again being challenged by Democrat J.D. Ford.

2018-10-02 – Voters Guide - IN Senate D-31: Merritt v Camp
First elected to represent District 31 in the Indiana State Senate in 1990, Republican Sen. James Merritt Jr. is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat Derek Camp.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide - IN House D-58: Burton v Reinert
First elected to represent District 58 in the Indiana House of Representatives in 1988, Republican Rep. Charles “Woody” Burton faces a re-election challenge from Democrat Cindy Reinert.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide - IN House D-86: Delaney (Unopposed)
For the second time since he assumed office in 2009, Rep. Edward DeLaney, D-Indianapolis, is running unopposed in Indiana House District 86. DeLaney first ran without a challenger in the 2014 election.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide - IN House D-87: Hamilton v Finch
Rep. Carey Hamilton, D-Indianapolis, was elected serve District 87 in the Indiana House of Representatives in 2016, when she defeated Republican challenger Connie Eckert. Previous office holder, Democrat Christina Hale, decided not to run for re-election when she began her unsuccessful bid for lieutenant governor. This year, Hamilton faces off against Republican challenger Paula Finch.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide - IN House D-88: Bosma v Gill
First elected in 1986, Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat Poonam Gill.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-89: Kirchhofer v Barnes
First elected to represent District 89 in the Indiana House of Representatives in 2010, Republican Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer, R-Indianapolis, is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat John Barnes.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-90: Speedy v Jeffers
First elected in 2010 to represent District 90 in the Indiana House of Representatives, Rep. Mike Speedy, R-Indianapolis, is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat Tim Jeffers.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-92: Macer (Unopposed)
For the first time since she joined the Statehouse in 2012, Rep. Karlee Macer, D-Indianapolis, is running unopposed for re-election.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide - IN House D-94: Pryor (Unopposed)
Rep. Cherrish Pryor, D-Indianapolis, has represented the 94th District in the Indiana House of Representatives for the last decade. The former Indianapolis City-County Councilmember is running unopposed this year.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-93: Frizzell v Rathnow
First elected to represent District 93 in the Indiana House of Representatives in 1992, Rep. David Frizzell, R-Indianapolis, is facing a re-election challenge from Democrat Greg Rathnow.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-96: Porter (Unopposed)
First elected in 1992 to represent District 96 in the Indiana House of Representatives, Rep. Gregory W. Porter, D-Indianapolis, is running unopposed.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-97: Moed (Unopposed)
After being first elected in 2012, this is the second time, after 2014, Rep. Justin Moed, D-Indianapolis, has no opponent in the race for Indiana House District 97.

2018-10-01 – Voters Guide – IN House D-98: Shackleford (Unopposed)
Rep. Robin Shackleford, D-Indianapolis, was first elected to represent District 98 in the Indiana House of Representatives in 2012, when she ran unopposed. She's once again running unopposed, this time for re-election.

2018-09-30 – Voters Guide – Marion County Prosecutor
Democrat Terry R. Curry is seeking a third term as Prosecuting Attorney of Marion County. He is facing off against Republican challenger Benjamin D. Strahm.

2018-09-30 – Voters Guide – Marion County Sheriff
Marion County Sheriff John Layton is not running for re-election given the constraints of the two-term limit. Instead, running for his seat are Republican candidate Brian K. Durham and Democratic candidate Kerry Joseph Forestal.

2018-09-30 – Voters Guide – Marion County Auditor
Democratic Marion County Auditor Julie Voorhies faces a re-election challenge from Republican Caarn Heir.

2018-09-30 – Voters Guide – Marion County Recorder
First elected as Marion County Recorder in 2014, Democratic incumbent Kate Sweeney Bell is running for re-election against Republican challenger Paul Annee.

2018-09-30 – Voters Guide – Marion County Circuit Court Clerk
Four years after she first won Marion County Circuit Court clerk, Democrat Myla A. Ethridge faces a re-election challenge from Republican Kyle Leffel.

2018-09-28 - Voters Guide: Understanding Judicial Races [Shorter version later republished in print edition Oct. 17, 2018 on Page 7.]
When voters head to the polls on Election Day, Nov. 6, they will make their way through all the familiar races including Senate, House, and a myriad of local candidates.

2018-08-27 - NUVO Midterm Election Questionnaire Completed
I'm including a sample of the responses I received here, and out of the five questions I'm sending to each candidate, I will make sure at least three of them come directly from the list below.

In early April 2019, we asked NUVO readers to submit and then vote upon the questions they most wanted answered by Indianapolis City-County Council and Indianapolis mayoral candidates on the Tuesday, May 7, 2019 municipal primary election ballot. The following is a collection of the responses we received back by the Monday, May 6, 2019 deadline.

2019-05-07 - Marion County Municipal Primary Election Results
After all the ballots were counted, there were few surprises to be found in the results of the 2019 Marion County municipal primary election on Tuesday, May 7. All of the Indianapolis City-County Council and mayoral candidates endorsed by the Marion County Democratic and Republican parties came away victorious.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: Indianapolis Mayor
After running successfully for the office of Indianapolis mayor in 2015, Democratic incumbent Joe Hogsett is running for re-election in 2019. In the primary election he will face fellow Democrat Denise Paul Hatch. The winner of that contest will face one of three Republican challengers: James W. Merritt, Christopher James Moore, or Felipe Rios.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 25
District 25 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the south eastern-most part of the city. Incumbent Republican Brian Mowery was first elected in 2016, and is running for re-election against Democratic challenger Justin Braun.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 24
District 24 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the south central side of the city. Incumbent Republican John D. Wesseler is not running for election after filling the vacant spot left by the newly elected State Senator Jack Sandlin. Looking to fill the vacant seat are Democrat Ben Brown and Republicans Thomas L. Vaughn and Doug Wood.

2019-05-02 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 21
District 21 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the near south side of the city. Incumbent Democrat Frank Mascari first won his District 21 seat in 2015. (He was elected to represent District 20 in 2011.) He will face Republican challenger Tyler Richardson in the general election.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 19
District 19 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the east side of the city. Incumbent Democrat David M. Ray is running for re-election against Republican Tony Mendez.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 18
District 18 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the near south east side of the city. Incumbent Republican Susie Cordi is not running for re-election. Looking to take her seat are Democrat Duane Ingram and Republican Carrie Zapfe.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 17
District 17 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the north side of downtown. Incumbent Zach Adamson is running for re-election against fellow Democrat Joseph Denney and Republican Paula J. Barnett.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 16
District 16 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the near west side of the city. Current Democratic office-holder Jefferson Shreve is not running for election after taking the seat formerly occupied by Jeff Miller, who resigned in 2018, several months after child molestation charges were first announced. Looking to take his seat are Republican Laura Giffel and Democrats Kristin Jones and Patrick Wagner.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 15
District 15 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the west side of the city. Republican Marilyn Pfisterer is not running for re-election. Her seat is currently filled by Republican Andy Harris, who will face one of two Democrats in the general election: Bryan Chatfield or Jessica McCormick.

2019-05-02 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 11
District 11 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the near west side of the city. Incumbent Democrat and current Council President Vop Osili was first elected to represent the district in 2011. In the general election, he will face Republican challenger Evan Shearin.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 9
District 9 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the near north side of the city. Democratic incumbent William Duke Oliver has held the seat since 2004. He faces three challengers from his own party in the primary election: Phillip L. Anderson Sr., Martha Baker Blue, and Leigh Riley Evans.

2019-04-19 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 7
District 7 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the near northwest side of the city. According to the Marion County Election Board, incumbent Democratic Councilor Joseph Simpson withdrew his name from consideration for re-election. That means Democratic challenger John Barth is running unopposed in the Tuesday, May 7 primary election.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 6
District 6 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the north west side of the city. Incumbent Republican Janice Shattuck McHenry has served in the seat since 2007. Challenging her is Democrat Crista Carlino.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 5
District 5 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the north western-most side of the city. Incumbent Republican Jeff Coats is not seeking re-election. In the running to take his seat are Republican Adam Cox and Democrats Alison (Ali) Brown, Sherron Wellington Franklin, and Crystal Puckett.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 4
District 4 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the north western side of the city. Incumbent Republican Mike McQuillen has held the seat since 2008. Depending on the outcome of the primary election, he will face one of two Democratic challengers in the general election in November: Ethan P. Evans or Timothy Alan Knight.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 3
District 3 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers part of the north eastern side of the city. Democratic incumbent Christine Scales did not file to run for re-election. Looking to take her place are Republican Dan Jones and Democrats Dan Boots and Coleman J. Watson.

2019-04-30 - 2019 Primary Voters Guide: District 2
District 2 of the Indianapolis City-County Council covers the north central side of the city. Incumbent Republican Colleen Fanning was first elected as councillor in 2015. Depending on the outcome of the primary election, she will face one of two Democratic challengers in the general election in November: Keith Potts or Thye Petty.

2019-04-12 - Here Are The Questions We're Sending Candidates
Originally, the plan was to send five questions to each of the Indianapolis mayoral and 25 City-County Council candidates. But, given the huge response, we've extended that to six questions each.

2019-04-10 - What Do You Want To Know From the Municipal Primary Election Candidates?
Through the end of today we're still collecting questions for the Indianapolis mayoral and City-County Council candidates. You can also vote on the questions we've already received. Once we've tallied the results, we'll send out the top five most popular questions we've received from you, our readers.

There were no shortage of big news stories in 2018, even without the midterm elections. News Editor Rob Burgess breaks down our biggest stories of the year with a look back at 2018 headlines.

Many topics including teacher salaries, anti-bullying efforts, and sex education were among the top education stories in 2018, but with high-profile school shootings in Noblesville and Richmond, safety was at the top of most parents' lists of concerns. Here's a look at our top stories related to education in 2018.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Indiana Statehouse 2018
There was much disappointment to be shared this year for those concerned about the Statehouse in 2018. Redistricting reform and press freedoms suffered setbacks. And, we can't even tattoo our eyeballs any longer. But, at least, we can buy alcohol on Sundays now, right? Here's a look at our top stories related to state government from 2018.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Criminal Justice 2018
Powerful people in the state of Indiana were accused of some pretty ugly crimes in 2018. Public officials from around the state were accused of stealing over $1 million. Dozens of priests were named as credibly accused sexual abusers by the Catholic Church. And, lest we forget the Curtis Hill case. Here's a round-up of some of the top criminal justice stories of the year. Here's a look at our top criminal justice articles from 2018.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Health & Environment 2018
Hoosiers had reason to be concerned about their own health and that of the environment around them in 2018. STDs were on the rise, health insurance is set to be harder to obtain, and budgets are being slashed. But, it wasn't all bad: Local environmental rules will continue to be enforced, carbon monoxide testing is now more available, and CBD and medical cannabis are on the march. Here's a look at our top stories from 2018 related to personal and environmental health.

2018-12-19 - The Year in News: Midterm Elections 2018
Indiana voters turned out in record numbers for the Midterm Elections of 2018, and we've got a review of the stories they were most interested in ahead of election day.

2019-02-27 - IMPD Tests New Mental Health Screening Tools [Pages: 4 and 5]
Even before the tragic events earlier this month at a church service, the city of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department had been on the forefront of re-imagining how law enforcement interacts with those suffering from severe mental torment.

2019-02-27 - Hollowed-Out Hate Crimes Bill Heads to House [Shortened version on Page 7]
After a whirlwind few days, the amended version of the hate crimes bill, Senate Bill 12, passed the Indiana Senate on Thursday by a vote of 39 to 10.

2019-02-13 - Q & A with Greg Ballard [Page: 4]
At the start of the new year, the Republican former Indianapolis mayor published his new book, Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away From Oil, through IU Press.

2019-01-30 - Statehouse Update: Hate Crimes [Page: 5]
Indiana—along with South Carolina, Arkansas, Wyoming, and Georgia—is currently one of only five states in the country without a hate crimes law on the books.

2019-01-30 - Statehouse Update: Teacher Pay [Page: 9]
Everyone agrees Indiana's teachers need to be paid more, but there is little agreement about how to make that happen.

2019-01-30 - Statehouse Update: Redistricting [Page: 7]
The United States Census is conducted once per decade, and the results have enormous consequences for voters in Indiana.

2019-01-30 - Statehouse Update: Cannabis Legislation [Page: 6]
Activists for medical and recreational cannabis in Indiana had been hoping 2019 would be a big year, but so far, it's a political non-starter.

2019-01-16 - NUVO Priorities 2019: Determining What’s News [Page: 5]
I've listed the five main areas of interest I'm looking to tackle this year, but I realize this is inherently incomplete. I've also left the categories as broad and vague as possible, as these issues necessarily bleed into one another.

2019-01-02 – Welcome to Indianapolis [Page: 4, print only]

2019-01-02 - Annual Manual 2019: Guide to Municipal Elections [Page 5]
With 2018 history, and 2019 just beginning, you might think you can toss your concerns about elections along with last year's calendar. Not so fast.

2018-12-19 - Medical Marijuana's Future in Indiana [Pages: 4, 6, and 7]
The 2019 legislative session begins at 1:30 p.m. Jan. 3 at the Statehouse, and medical cannabis will be near the top of the list for lawmakers.

2018-12-05 - Looking For Solutions Past 'No Sit/No Lie' [Pages: 4 and 5]
A controversial ordinance before the Indianapolis City-County Council has advocates for those who are experiencing homelessness crying foul.

2018-12-05 - Q & A With Roncalli's Suspended Shelly Fitzgerald [Page: 7] (Shorter version ran in print, and full version ran online.)
Nov. 20, she and her attorney, David Page, gave NUVO an exclusive phone interview in which she talked about the next legal steps, her feelings about the church and school, and what going from being anonymous to a public figure has been like.

2018-11-21 - J.D. Ford Breaks Barriers, Gets To Work [Page: 5]
Ford is now the first openly LGBTQ person ever elected to the Indiana General Assembly.

2018-11-21 - A Day in Marion County Adoption Court [Page: 7]
What happened Friday in Probate Division on the 17th floor of the Marion County Superior Court is not uncommon, but every other day of the year, it is usually done behind closed doors.

2018-10-31 – 2018 Midterm Voters Guide [Page: 5, print only.]

2018-10-24 - No Criminal Charges for Curtis Hill [Pages: 6 and 7]
Events unfolded quickly Tuesday morning at the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in the ongoing controversy over allegations of sexual misconduct against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

2018-10-10 – NUVO Editors - Indy's Best Pizza [Pages: 11, 14, and 15] (I took photos and wrote the Pizzology section.)
While we don’t argue much about the authentic Italian-ness of pizza much anymore, everyone still has a favorite--including the NUVO editorial team. In honor of Indy Pizza Week (Oct. 15-22), we’ve narrowed down the best pizza in Indianapolis to six favorites.

2018-10-10 - Trump Whistleblower Continues to Speak Out [Page: 5]
Imagine you were a government employee, and an administration hostile to everything you worked for your entire career suddenly ascended to power.

2018-10-10 – 2018 Midterm Voters Guide [Page: 4, print only]

2018-10-03 - Marion County Tests Voting Machines [Page: 5]
Friday morning, in a converted shopping center on East Washington Street, the Marion County Election Board was working to ensure the integrity of the upcoming midterm election. The Election Services Center was the site of the public test of the county’s voting system, which is required by law.

2018-09-26 - STDs on the Rise in Indiana and Around the Country [Page: 5]
Nearly 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were diagnosed in the United States in 2017, surpassing the previous record set in 2016 by more than 200,000 cases.

2018-09-12 - Sharing The Road: How Safe is Cycling in Indy? [Cover story: Pages: 1, 9, 10, and 11.] (Photos by Charlie Clark, GIF by Ian McPhee, graphic by Mercer Suppiger, and video by Rob Burgess.)
Even with these headline-grabbing collisions, officials maintain overall bicycle safety is improving, even as more riders than ever are taking to the streets, parks, and trails.

2018-09-05 - RecycleForce Successful With Ex-Offender Program [Page: 5, 6, and 7]
The crowd that congregated on the morning of Aug. 28 at Tinker House Events was gathered to celebrate a success story years in the making.

2018-08-29 - Republicans To Reintroduce Hate Crimes Law [Page: 4]
A pair of recent anti-Semitic graffiti incidents has highlighted the state’s lack of a hate crimes law.

2018-08-29 – NUVO Editors – NUVO 2018 Fall Arts Guide [Special section]
Kudos to Arts Editor Dan Grossman for compiling most of this information and writing the majority of the recommendations. Credit also goes to Music Editor Seth Johnson, News Editor Rob Burgess, and staff writer Ian McPhee, all of whom shared their recommendations and witticisms.

2018-08-13 - Midterm Voter Guide Input [Published in Aug. 15, 2018 print edition on Page 8.]
There are only 83 days left until Election Day, Nov. 6. And, the last day to register to vote, Oct. 9, is even sooner than that. Time is growing short, and I need your help.

2018-08-08 - IMPD Confronts Bias After Aaron Bailey Shooting [Page 6 and 7]
In the early morning hours of June 29, 2017, IMPD officers Michal P. Dinnsen and Carlton J. Howard fatally shot unarmed black motorist Aaron Bailey, 45.

2018-07-31 - Synagogue Vandalism Highlights State’s Lack of Hate Crimes Law [Published in the Aug. 1, 2018 print edition on Page 4]
Monday evening, an overflow crowd packed the Congregation Shaarey Tefilla in Carmel in a show of support after anti-semitic graffiti were found outside just days before. A pair of spray-painted Nazi Party flags and Iron Crosses, along with burn marks, were discovered early Saturday on the brick walls around the garbage bins outside the synagogue.

Online stories

2019-06-06 - Melton Eyes Run For Governor
State Sen. Eddie Melton, D-Gary, announced the formation of a gubernatorial exploratory committee on Tuesday, June 4 at the Gary Teachers Union. The first-term legislator also announced a statewide listening tour at the event.

2019-05-30 - Homelessness Count Shows Slight Decrease, But Problem Persists
The results of the annual Indianapolis Homeless Point-in-Time Count show a decrease in chronic homelessness, but a wide gap in racial disparities in the population remains.

2019-05-29 - Shaarey Tefilla Attacker Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison
United States Attorney Josh J. Minkler announced that Nolan Brewer, 21, Eminence, was sentenced in federal court on Monday, May 20, to three years in prison for conspiring to violate the civil rights of Congregation Shaarey Tefilla, a Jewish synagogue in Carmel.

2019-05-14 - Democratic Presidential Candidate Swalwell Headed to Columbus
There are now nearly two dozen announced Democratic presidential candidates, and one of them is coming to the Hoosier state this weekend. Rep. Eric Swalwell will hold a town hall at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 19, at the Factory 12 Event Loft, 1235 Jackson St., in Columbus.

2019-03-27 - Poor People's Campaign Calls For 'Moral Revival' at Statehouse
On Monday, March 25, the Indiana Poor People's Campaign, one of 35 state campaigns across the nation, was gathered at the Statehouse to demand “a massive overhaul of voting rights, welfare and work requirements, living wages, health care, access to clean water, housing, ecological devastation and an end to endless war, to lift up the 140 million Americans currently living in poverty.”

2019-03-25 - House Adds Hate Crimes Amendment Without Gender
On Monday, March 25, Rep. Greg Steuerwald, R-Avon, added an amendment to an unrelated bill, Senate Bill 198, which added hate crimes protections to a victim or group's “real or perceived characteristic, trait, belief, practice, association, or other attribute the court chooses to consider.” That list did not include gender, for which advocates of comprehensive hate crimes legislation have advocated.

2019-03-25 - Second Gay Roncalli Guidance Counselor Loses Job
As one co-director of guidance for Roncalli High School remains on leave because of her same-sex marriage, another will now lose her job because of her same-sex civil union.

2019-03-22 - Religious Leaders Gather at Statehouse for 'Moment of Action' on Hate Crimes
It was a familiar call to observers of this year's legislative session, but for those who attended the Moment of Action event presented by Indiana Forward on Thursday morning, it was tinged with fresh hurt and anger.

2019-03-21 - Third Scooter Company, Spin, Joins Bird and Lime in Indy
Spin has now joined Bird and Lime as the third scooter company given approval for operation in Indianapolis.

2019-03-20 - Zionsville Father and Daughter Featured on Tiny House Nation
The Tiny House Nation episode featuring the Barbers, “Going Tiny To Make Things Right,” will premiere at 10 p.m. Wednesday on the A&E network, and will replay at 8 p.m. Thursday on the FYI network. After that, the show will appear on Netflix in the fall.

2019-03-19 - Disciplinary Commission Files Complaint Against Curtis Hill
The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission filed a disciplinary complaint Tuesday against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

2019-03-18 - Crossroads Education Receives $750K Gates Foundation Grant
On Wednesday, at the historic Elder W. Diggs School, Indianapolis-based Crossroads Education announced it had been awarded $750,000 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to expand its Learning Commons model at four Indianapolis schools.

2019-03-13 - IMPD, City Seek Public Input on Body Cameras
The city and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are currently conducting a study of body-worn cameras, and they are asking for input from officers and the public.

2019-03-12 - Study Finds Hate Crime Laws Applied Unevenly
As lawmakers at the Statehouse grapple with Senate Bill 12, the hate crimes bill now before the Indiana House of Representatives, local researchers have published a study of how the other 45 states with similar laws on the books handle such cases.

2019-03-08 - Flurry of Letters Supporting Hate Crimes Legislation Sent to Legislators
Advocates and community leaders are sending a flurry of letters to legislators in support of the original language of Senate Bill 12, the amended hate crimes bill.

2019-03-07 - First-Ever Renewable Energy Day Held at the Statehouse
Advocates from across Indiana convened Wednesday at the Statehouse for the first-ever Renewable Energy Day.

2019-03-01 - Suspended Guidance Counselor Files Second Discrimination Charge Against Roncalli
Shelly Fitzgerald, the suspended Roncalli High School guidance counselor, officially filed a second charge of discrimination Wednesday with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She filed her first charge of discrimination with the EEOC on Jan. 7.

2019-02-27 - Democratic Leaders ask GOP to 'Do The Right Thing' on Hate Crimes
As Senate Bill 12, the much-contested hate crimes bill, moves to the Indiana House of Representatives, Democratic leaders from both chambers of the Statehouse are calling on Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb to take a more proactive role.

2019-02-18 - Hate Crimes Bill Approved By Senate Committee
With a decisive vote Monday, Indiana is now one step closer to joining 45 other states in enacting hate crimes legislation.

2019-02-15 - Lawmakers Spar At Latino Legislative Breakfast
From the start, the mood on the stage Thursday morning at the JW Marriott during the 2019 Indiana Latino Legislative Breakfast reflected the frayed nerves of the Latino population in the state and nation.

2019-02-12 - Veterans Gather at Statehouse Amid IDVA Turnover
Lisa Wilken is an Air Force veteran and one of the organizers of the fifth annual Indiana Military Veterans Legislative Day. Wilken said Monday at the Statehouse she supports many initiatives designed to help fellow Hoosier veterans, active duty soldiers, and their families.

2019-02-05 - Calls for Gun Control at the Statehouse
Advocates joined lawmakers in support of several pieces of gun control legislation introduced this session.

2019-02-01 - Indiana Rates Lowest in LGBTQ Equality
After being named a state that was “Building Equality” for LGBT citizens last year, Indiana is now among 28 states rated “High Priority to Achieve Basic Equality,” the lowest category.

2019-01-31 - Marion County Releases Report on Lead in School Drinking Water
The Marion County Public Health Department has released the results of a comprehensive survey of county schools, which showed that, before remediation, of the 297 facilities initially tested, 161 of them were in violation of Environmental Protection Agency standard for lead at the time.

2019-01-31 - Carmel Swim Coach Sentenced For Sexual Exploitation
John Goelz, 30, a former swim coach at Carmel High School and the Carmel Swim Club, was sentenced Wednesday to 200 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to charges of sexual exploitation of one of his student-athletes, according to United States Attorney Josh Minkler.

2019-01-23 - Buttigieg Begins Bid for Presidency
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg made it official early Wednesday: He is forming an presidential exploratory committee.

2019-01-23 - City Set for Annual Count of Homeless Population
For one night every January, volunteers take to the streets of Marion County in an effort to capture an accurate picture of those experiencing homelessness.

2019-01-21 - Local Assistance for Federal Workers
As the record-breaking partial federal government shutdown nears a month, there’s little hope of a speedy resolution in sight.

2019-01-18 - Why Mayors Matter
It’s an election year. Residents of Marion County go to the polls to elect the men and women we want to lead our city government.

2019-01-17 - Hogsett Campaign Ends 2018 with $3.2M
Democratic Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett ended 2018 with a healthy campaign war chest as he looks to keep his job in the upcoming municipal elections.

2019-01-16 - Indiana’s Youngest Lawmaker Encourages Other Democrats To Run
Rep. Chris Chyung, D-Dyer, is just beginning his first term in the Statehouse, and just by his very presence there, he is making history. Chyung is 25 years old, making him the youngest current state lawmaker in Indiana. And, when he defeated incumbent Republican Rep. Harold Slager by just 82 votes in the 2018 midterm elections, he also became the first Asian American lawmaker in Indiana history.

2019-01-14 - Federal Shutdown Affects Indiana Food Stamps
Hoosiers who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, will be receiving their February benefits this week. But, after that, the plan is unclear as to when further benefits will be released.

2019-01-14 - Suspended Guidance Counselor Files Discrimination Charge Against Roncalli
Shelly Fitzgerald, the suspended Roncalli High School guidance counselor, officially filed a charge of discrimination Jan. 7 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

2019-01-11 - Lawmaker Who Accused Curtis Hill of Misconduct Files Series of Sexual Harassment Bills
One of the four women who has leveled accusations of sexual misconduct against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has filed a series of bills Friday which aim to prevent and punish such behavior.

2019-01-10 - Jim Merritt Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign
From the first moments of the press conference held Thursday to announce the Indianapolis mayoral bid of Republican Sen. Jim Merritt, the issue of public safety was placed front and center.

2019-01-08 - Indiana Forward Launches Campaign For Hate Crimes Law
Indiana Forward, launched its campaign to pass a hate crimes law in the state. The group is made up of representatives from the business, nonprofit, advocacy, education, and faith communities.

2019-01-08 - Indiana House GOP and Black Legislative Caucus Outline 2019 Agendas
Indiana House of Representatives Speaker Brian C. Bosma, R-Indianapolis, joined several House Republicans on Monday at the Statehouse to release their top legislative priorities for 2019, including passing a balanced state budget, strengthening school safety, and increasing teacher pay. Indiana House Democratic Caucus Leader Rep. Phil GiaQuinta, D-Fort Wayne, called the Republican list “thunderous in its nothingness.” Indiana Senate Democrats released their legislative priorities—including $150 million in wage hikes for teachers, legalizing medical marijuana, and protections for Hoosiers with pre-existing medical conditions—in November. Meanwhile, members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, led by the group's chair, Rep. Robin Shackleford, D-Indianapolis, said Monday they will pursue “an aggressive agenda of reform” including proposals to finally enact a hate crimes law, and giving teachers a “long-needed” increase in pay.

2019-01-07 - Holcomb Campaign Ends 2018 With $4M Cash-On-Hand
Republican Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb ended 2018 with $4 million cash-on-hand, a number that exceeds the cash-on-hand totals of all previous governors at the conclusion of their second year in office, according to a Thursday release by Holly Gillham Lawson, press secretary for Holcomb's campaign.

2019-01-04 - Prayers and Priorities On Full Display at Statehouse
There was no shortage of strong feelings and hopeful messages on display Thursday at the Indiana Statehouse as legislators began the 2019 Legislative Session in earnest.

2019-01-04 - City Responds to Record-Setting Homicides
As Indianapolis closed a deadly 2018, Mayor Joe Hogsett joined Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Bryan Roach, Deputy Chief Chris Bailey, and Shonna Majors, director of community violence reduction, Dec. 19 at the John H. Boner Community Center to review crime statistics and public safety initiatives.

2018-12-20 - Hepatitis A Cases Spike in Marion County
Marion County is experiencing an increase in the number of hepatitis A cases, as an outbreak of the virus continues in Indiana, according to a Thursday press release from Curt Brantingham, media public information coordinator for the Marion County Public Health Department. Usually, about 2 to 4 confirmed cases of hepatitis A are reported in the county each year. So far in 2018, the health department says 57 confirmed cases have been reported in Marion County, with an upward trend noticed in recent weeks.

2018-12-19 - Tallian Files Two Cannabis-Related Bills
Sen. Karen Tallian, D-Portage, has once again filed medical cannabis-related bills ahead of the start of the 2019 legislative session.

2018-12-16 - Shooting at Richmond School Leaves Suspect Dead
A shooting shortly after 8 a.m. Thursday at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond has resulted in the death of the teenage suspect, according to the Indiana State Police. No other injuries to students or faculty have been reported.

2018-12-15 - Marion County Republican Party Chair Resigns
Jim Merritt, chairman of the Marion County Republican Party Central Committee, announced his resignation from that post effective immediately.

2018-12-13 - Fentanyl-Related Overdoses Skyrocket in Indianapolis
Fentanyl-related overdoses in Marion County have risen dramatically in recent years, with Black residents being particularly at risk, according to the results of a new study.

2018-12-12 - House Committee Chair Assignments Finalized
The final committee chair assignments for the Indiana House of Representatives were announced Monday by Speaker Brian Bosma.

2018-12-10 - State's Midterm Voter Turnout Highest Since 1994
Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson released the 2018 voter turnout report last week which showed the turnout in the midterm elections was higher than it's been in decades.

2018-12-06 - USA Gymnastics Files for Bankruptcy
Indianapolis-based USA Gymnastics filed a voluntary petition for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana on Wednesday.

2018-11-29 - Carson Supports Pelosi For Speaker
Currently the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, is now one step closer to becoming speaker when her party takes control of that chamber in January.

2018-11-21 - Politics and Protests at Statehouse Organization Day
Tuesday at the Indiana Statehouse was exciting for new lawmakers being sworn in on Organization Day, especially for Republicans who maintained their supermajority.

2018-11-16 - Indiana Congress Members Honor Matthew Tully
The state's entire congressional delegation, led by Rep. André Carson, D-Indiana, and Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Indiana, introduced a Stomach Cancer Awareness Month resolution Thursday in memory of Indianapolis Star reporter and columnist Matthew Tully.

2018-11-14 - City Prepares For Season's First Winter Storm
The Indianapolis Department of Public Works will have 70 drivers on the streets starting at 11 p.m. Wednesday to begin treating the roads ahead of a forecast including rain, sleet, and snow.

2018-11-13 - Amazon Doesn’t Choose Indy
It's official: Indianapolis was not chosen for the long-anticipated Amazon HQ2 project.

2018-11-13 - Indiana Republicans Retain Supermajority
There's no way to sugarcoat it for statewide Indiana Democrats: the 2018 midterm election was a tough one. Despite the national party flipping dozens of seats and taking control of the United States House of Representatives, seven of the Indiana's nine districts are represented by Republicans. And, in the Statehouse, Republicans retained their supermajority status.

2018-11-11 - Third Parties Take Stock After Midterms
The Libertarian Party will remain on the ballot in Indiana until at least 2022, while the Green Party fell short of the required threshold.

2018-11-08 - Counting Marion County Absentee Ballots
As voters who decided to wait until Election Day were busy casting their ballots at their assigned polling locations, the thousands of absentee ballots already cast were being counted by Democratic and Republican appointees at the Marion County Election Board Service Center.

2018-11-08 - Trump Protest Planned for Thursday
Protests are being planned Thursday in hundreds of cities, including Indianapolis, in response to President Donald Trump's firing Wednesday of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and the installation of Chief of Staff Matthew Whitaker to oversee the probe of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

2018-11-07 - Democrats Sweep Marion County Races
Democrats cleaned up Tuesday in the Marion County-wide races on the ballot including prosecutor, clerk, auditor, recorder, sheriff, and assessor.

2018-11-07 - All 17 Marion County Superior Judges Retained
All 17 Marion County Superior Court judges up for retention on the ballot this year were given approval by wide margins on Tuesday.

2018-11-07 - Incumbent GOP Women Dominate State Races
Three incumbent Republican women easily won re-election of their respective state offices on Tuesday.

2018-11-06 - ‘Rainbow Wave' Takes Out Mike Delph
In a major upset, Democrat J.D. Ford ousted incumbent Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel on Tuesday.

2018-11-06 - Braun Defeats Donnelly, GOP Keeps Senate
In a hotly contested Senate race, Republican challenger Mike Braun unseated incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly on Tuesday.

2018-11-03 - Trouble at the Polls? Here's Who to Call
If you run into problems at the polls on Election Day, Assistant United States Attorney Tiffany Preston will be ready to take your call.

2018-11-02 - Free/Discounted Rides to the Polls on Nov. 6
You now have one less excuse not to vote this year.

2018-10-31 - City Receives Credit Outlook Upgrade
The office of Mayor Joe Hogsett announced Tuesday that Indianapolis has once again received a credit rating of AA+ from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

2018-10-30 - Early Voting Surges at Satellite Locations
In just three days, Marion County's six new satellite voting locations have helped push early voting numbers far above the tallies for the either the 2016 presidential or the 2014 midterm elections.

2018-10-29 - Sex Offenders on Oct. 31 Lockdown
There are many things parents should be wary of while trick-or-treating with their children on Halloween night, but wondering where registered sex offenders are won't be one of them.

2018-10-26 - Additional Early Voting Sites Now Open
Early voting at Marion County satellite voting sites beginning today.

2018-10-25 - Accusers of Curtis Hill Speak Out
Wednesday, Lozano, DaSilva, and their attorney, Kimberly Jeselskis, gave NUVO an exclusive phone interview in which they discussed their next steps, the reaction they have received, and the wider #MeToo movement.

2018-10-23 - GOP Sets Caucus to Replace Councilman
When GOP City-Council Councilman Scott Krieder announced his resignation Wednesday, Marion County Republican Central Committee Chairman Jim Merritt announced he would call a caucus within 30 days to fill the vacancy.

2018-10-22 - Early Voting Numbers Triple Over Last Midterm
The Marion County Clerk's Office reported an over threefold increase over the 2014 midterm elections at the conclusion of the first week of early voting at the end of the day Thursday.

2018-10-17 - Councilman Scott Krieder Announces Resignation
Republican City-Council Councilman Scott Krieder announced his impending resignation Wednesday, citing, in part, his impending nuptials.

2018-10-14 - Speak Up, Indy! Make Your Voice Heard
Is there an opinion you’d like to share? A piece of writing or point of view you believe would be of interest to NUVO readers? Luckily, NUVO has a solution: We invite our readers to send us letters to the editor and op-eds.

2018-10-12 - Early Voting Underway in Marion County
Election Day isn't until Nov. 6, but voters who want to cast their ballots right away can now do so at the Marion County Clerk's Office, inside the City-County Building.

2018-10-11 - Archdiocese of Indianapolis Names 19 Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse
The Archdiocese of Indianapolis on Thursday provided a list of 19 clergy who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor or young person.

2018-10-11 - 15 Public Officials Charged With Stealing Over $1M
United States Attorney Josh Minkler announced Thursday a large-scale initiative bringing federal and state corruption-related charges against 15 individuals working in public service and governmental positions.

2018-10-04 - McCormick Not Seeking Re-Election in 2020
Jennifer McCormick, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, announced she would not be seeking re-election in 2020. The news comes less than halfway through her first term in office.

2018-09-28 - Indiana Senators Split on Kavanaugh
In the midst of a tough re-election campaign, Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, came out against embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday.

2018-09-27 - Union Protesters Detained and Cited by IMPD (With photo gallery and video.)
A total of 44 protesters from Service Employees International Union Local 1 were detained and cited by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department late Tuesday for refusing to stop blocking the intersection of Pennsylvania and Ohio streets.

2018-09-19 - Friday is Car Free Day in Indianapolis
Experienced bike commuters will lead “bike trains” all over the city on Friday to celebrate the third annual Car Free Day Indy celebration, sponsored by Commuter Connect.

2018-09-18 - Indiana Diocese Identifies 20 Accused Priests
The Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend published the names of the priests and deacons who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor on Tuesday.

2018-09-18 - Indiana Mayors Attend Climate Leadership Summit
All politics is local, as the saying goes. And, there are few issues which hit as close to home for cities as climate change—even as state and national lawmakers have found little time or energy to address the ongoing crisis.

2018-09-12 - State Rep. Tim Brown Injured in Motorcycle Accident
State Rep. Tim Brown, R-Crawfordsville, was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident Wednesday morning in Northern Michigan, according to Indiana House of Representatives Speaker Brian Bosma.

2018-09-12 - Registered to Vote in Indiana? Better double-check.
Republican Secretary of State Connie Lawson said Tuesday that nearly half a million voter registrations in the state had been purged since the last election.

2018-09-11 - IndyCOG Now Bike Indianapolis
The group, which began as a blog in 2009, attained 501c3 nonprofit status in 2010.

2018-09-11 - Review: 'Lizzie'
From the moment newspaper accounts of the Aug. 4, 1892 murders of Andrew Jackson Borden and his wife, Abby Durfee Gray, in Fall River, Massachusetts were first published, the public's fascination with the guilt or innocence of younger daughter Lizzie Andrew Borden has been insatiable.

2018-09-04 - People's Climate March at Statehouse
In tandem with communities across the world, local organizers are planning a People's Climate March on Sept. 8 to demand our elected officials take urgent action on human-driven climate change. The march is being planned in advance and in support of the Global Climate Summit, which will take place Sept. 12 to 14 in San Francisco.

2018-08-28 - Scooters Return September 4
Tuesday, the city of Indianapolis announced that Bird and Lime scooters will return starting Sept. 4.

2018-08-24 - Kroger Phasing Out Single-Use Plastic Bags
Kroger announced Thursday it will gradually end use of single-use plastic bags and transition to reusable bags across all stores by 2025.

2018-08-22 - Colts Announcer Bob Lamey Resigns After Use of N-Word
This past Sunday, Bob Lamey, known as “The Voice of the Colts,” abruptly announced his retirement. He was lauded for a long and storied career by the organization, including Colts owner and CEO Jim Irsay, who called him a ”legend and an icon.” But, within hours of the announcement, NUVO learned of accusations by an Emmis Communications employee that Lamey had used the n-word last week at Colts Camp in Westfield.

2018-08-16 - Ball State Reverses ‘Papa John’ Support
In a special meeting Thursday, the Ball State University Board of Trustees reversed their controversial support for “Papa John” Schnatter.

2018-08-16 - Arrests Made in Synagogue Vandalism Case [Published in Aug. 22, 2018 print edition on Page 5.]
United States Attorney Josh Minkler, Federal Bureau of Investigation Indianapolis Special Agent in Charge Grant Mendenhall and Carmel Police Chief Jim Barlow announced Thursday an arrest in the recent Carmel synagogue graffiti and fire incident.

2018-08-15 - Miller Takes Plea Deal, Resigns From City-Council
Republican City-County Councillor Jeff Miller resigned from his position on Wednesday, several months after child molestation charges were first announced.

2018-08-09 - State Library Hosts Medical Cannabis Town Hall
The Indiana chapter of The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is planning what is being billed as “the largest medical cannabis town hall meeting in our state's history” for this weekend.

2018-08-06 - Two Schools, Two Very Different Responses
Friday was a very busy day for Papa John's Pizza founder John Schnatter. After Ball State University embraced their former student, Purdue University responded by stripping his name from their campus and offering to return his donation.

2018-08-03 - Purdue Removes 'Papa John's' Name, Offers to Return Money
On the same day that Ball State University decided to stand by embattled Papa John's Pizza founder John Schnatter, Purdue University went in a completely different direction. The Purdue Board of Trustees announced Friday that the university’s economics center, the John H. Schnatter Center for Economic Research at Purdue, should revert to the Purdue University Research Center in Economics. Further, Purdue also offered to return $8 million in funds associated with the naming.

2018-08-03 - Ball State Stands By 'Papa John'
Embattled Papa John's Pizza founder John Schnatter has found few friends willing to publicly stand by his side during the past few weeks. That is, until Friday, when the Ball State University Board of Trustees announced they would “continue our support of the John H. Schnatter Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise.”

2018-07-30 - Anti-Semitic Grafitti Spurs Outrage, Solidarity
The discovery over the weekend of a pair of spray-painted Nazi Party flags and Iron Crosses outside a Carmel synagogue has sparked outrage and inspired a community solidarity gathering.

Audio/video-only interviews

NUVO YouTube channel:

nuvo photos YouTube channel:

2019-05-06 - 🎧 Interview with Hayley Brown of the Drink Culture Podcast
Hayley Brown of the Drink Culture podcast sits down with NUVO News Editor Rob Burgess.

2019-05-06 - 🎧 Interview with Jared Byczko and Fabian Rodriguez of the Drink Culture Podcast
Jared Byczko and Fabian Rodriguez of the Drink Culture Podcast sit down with NUVO News Editor Rob Burgess.

2019-04-24 - 🎧 Interview with Jenni White, Founding Executive Director of Trinity Haven
Jenni White was recently named the founding executive director of Trinity Haven, Indiana's first home for LGBTQ youth who have nowhere safe to live.

2019-04-11 – Interview with Topher Anderson
Rob Burgess sits down with Christopher “Topher” Anderson the co-leader of Citizens Climate Lobby Indianapolis.

2019-04-03 - 7th Annual Fair Housing Conference - Mapping Prejudice Project
On Wednesday, April 3, at the 7th Annual Fair Housing Conference at the Indianapolis Marriott East, Kevin Ehrman-Solberg of the Mapping Prejudice Project gave a presentation about their work.

2019-03-18 - IHA Executive Director John E. Hall Meet and Greet
On Monday, March 18, John E. Hall, the new executive director of the Indianapolis Housing Agency, held a meet and greet at the 16 Park Community Building.

2019-03-15 - Watch: CBD Expo Midwest 2019: 'CBD vs. THC' Panel
On March 15 and 16, the CBD Expo Midwest 2019 was held at the Indianapolis Marriott East. Rob Burgess, NUVO News Editor, served as the moderator at the “CBD vs. THC” panel, which also featured Bradly Slaughter, investigative reporter for CBD Spa; Brandon Pitcher, founder of MZM, Inc.; Spencer Wilson, owner of Medie Edie’s and Elite Health and Wellness stores; and Eric Miller, PhD, director of R&D at Nemadji.

2019-02-28 - The Hidden Housing Crisis - Panel Discussion
The Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity hosted a panel discussion on Thursday, Feb. 28, at The Toby at Newfield, called “The Hidden Housing Crisis.” “Attendees of the sold out event will also hear from a local panel about how the issue of eviction affects families, residents, and landlords of our city. Moderated by Pamela Ross, vice president of opportunity, equity and inclusion with Central Indiana Community Foundation, panelists include: Joyce Hertko, PhD, director of community outreach and engagement at Indiana University Health; Vop Osili, chair of the Indianapolis City-County Council; George McMannis, vice president of compliance and operations, BWI Property Management; Michael Hurst, senior attorney at Indiana Legal Services; and Crystal Haslett, MSW, LCSW, coordinator of student programs and McKinney-Vento Education for Homeless Children and Youth liaison, Metropolitan School District of Washington Township," stated the press release.

House of Burgess Columns

2019-06-06 - Burgess: Thanks for the Memories, NUVO
After almost a year of serving as News Editor, it is my duty to inform you this is my final House of Burgess column for NUVO. I'm moving on to a new position starting next week, and I wanted to end my tenure here with a note of appreciation.

2019-05-30 - Burgess: Facebook and Twitter Must Take Responsibility
Facebook and Twitter need to take some responsibility for their passive acceptance of these lies, or else they should be regulated.

2019-05-24 - Burgess: How Can We Pierce Each Other's Information Bubbles?
The only way to pierce someone else's bubble is to be the bigger person and reach outside of your own.

2019-05-14 - Burgess: How to Get Your Question Answered at a Q and A
I want you to get your turn, and make the most of it, as well. So, here's what I've learned.

2019-05-08 - Burgess: Why Are So Many Candidates So Hard To Find?
Having tried, and all-too-often failed, at reaching candidates for public office at all levels of government, I feel I can say this with some authority: A surprising number of you are completely mysterious and unreachable.

2019-05-02 - Burgess: Primaries Often Matter More Than the Generals
If you delay, what you're counting on is that the general election will be exponentially more meaningful than than the primary. This is completely incorrect. And, if you're a Democrat and living in Marion County, you're especially wrong.

2019-04-26 - Burgess: Conversation with a Challenged Author
Two weeks ago, I asked a question of my readers: Choose from one of the most locally and nationally challenged books and I will read the winning title.

2019-04-19 - Burgess: Stop Planting Bradford Pear Trees
These flowering contagions might look nice for a few weeks a year, but I literally see no upside to intentionally planting a reeking, weak-limbed, invasive “pear” tree that produces no pears.

2019-04-12 - Burgess: Don't Challenge Books, Challenge Yourself To Read One
Saturday, April 13 is the final day of this year's National Library Week. In commemoration of this annual observance, the American Library Association has issued its State of America's Libraries 2019 report. This annual list showcases the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom's most challenged books of 2018.

2019-04-04 - Burgess: Instead of Hugging Journalists, Support Our Work
Most people think their local media outlets are doing just fine, but not because they or most people they know are doing anything to help on a personal level. Does anyone else see the problem here?

2019-03-26 - Burgess: Release the Full Mueller Report Now
This isn't partisan to me. This is about transparency. If the report says what Trump and his supporters say, then so be it. I'm not afraid of the truth. The American people have paid millions of dollars for this investigation. We deserve to read the full report directly from Mueller himself. Anything less will be viewed as a whitewash.

2019-03-22 - Burgess: Before You Unfriend, Have You Tried Unfollowing?
You can always search for people you've unfollowed on Facebook by name if you really want to find them for some specific reason. If you take the extra step of unfriending them, however, you're denying your future self that option.

2019-03-14 - Burgess: To Honor Birch Bayh, Abolish the Electoral College
Bayh recognized the truth about the Electoral College long before the 2000 or 2016 presidential elections gave us popular-vote-losing Republican Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump, respectively. This outdated system will increasingly lead to a feeling of illegitimacy as the voice of the people is ever more frequently subverted. Let's honor this man's legacy by finishing the noble work he began all those years ago.

2019-03-08 - Burgess: Happy 'Why Isn't There International Men's Day?'
Google searches for “International Men's Day” peak on International Women's Day.

2019-02-28 - Burgess: Must Indiana Always Be Among The Last?
I was born and raised a Hoosier. I have lived here most of my life. And, there is something about the character of this state I truly do not understand. Decade after decade, on issue after issue, a trend has emerged when it comes to social change. First, a few bold states will take a novel action. Then, other states will follow. Indiana will drag its feet all the way until most other states have taken the plunge. By the time time it's over, we're among the last states to finally get with the program.

2019-02-23 - Burgess: Past as Prologue
History was always my favorite subject growing up. And, I've only grown to appreciate it more as I've gotten older. I have hopes and dreams and fears in 2019. I also did in 1993. So did the people in 1872. Realizing that people years ago, even people who were actually me, felt the same things as I do now helps me understand its importance.

2019-02-13 - Burgess: Monster Truck Mindfulness
My greatest lesson in mindfulness hasn't come from reading, the app, or the DVDs. It's come from watching our children attend Monster Jam on Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

2019-01-31 - Burgess: Weezer's Teal Album? Say It Ain't So.
When Weezer's surprise album of cover songs, known as the Teal Album, was released digitally Thursday, I reluctantly listened out of a sense of duty.

2019-01-23 - Burgess: 'Gateway to Work' is Cruel
The hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers who rely on the Healthy Indiana Plan may not realize it yet, but the state's Gateway to Work program implemented work requirements for enrollees starting Jan. 1. This insidious initiative has been years in the making.

2019-01-16 - Burgess: To End The Shutdown, We'll Need To Feel The Pain [Page: 3]
The partial government federal shutdown is now the longest in American history. And, I don't feel like Americans are nearly as concerned as they should be.

2019-01-07 - Burgess: Don't Write Off Your Base, Democrats
The so-called “Blue Wave” heard crashing over so many parts of the nation during the 2018 Midterm Elections failed to make even a splash here in Indiana's congressional races. And, based on what I've been hearing from Democratic leaders in the weeks since, I do not have great confidence they have learned anything from this disappointing result.

Welcome to my annual(ish) Best of the Year awards! If you read something I wrote this year, including this, thank you. I hope you had as much fun reading these House of Burgess columns as I had writing them. And, now, on to the awards for what I consider the best media I consumed in 2018.

2018-12-18 - Burgess: People For The Ethical Treatment of Clichés
When I am alerted to an injustice I have inadvertently helped perpetuate, I usually try not to take it as a personal affront. I make the necessary changes, and continue forward. But, the latest campaign by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seems like it's a cartoon version of what a right-wing person thinks liberals are like.

2018-12-11 - Burgess: The Great 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Debate
Since we have solved all the world's other problems, it's time for the great “Baby It's Cold Outside” debate of 2018.

2018-12-06 - Burgess: Is Indiana Really That Red?
Born and raised a Hoosier, I was always kind of amazed at the way Republicans and Democrats shared power in Indiana.

2018-11-30 - Burgess: Pass on the Politics During Holidays
My favorite time to discuss politics with my extended family is never.

2018-11-19 - Burgess: Don't Gift Smart Speakers
My wife, Ash, tells me I am difficult to person to shop for. I also find I have a hard time figuring out what to buy other people. So, rather than suggest something you should buy, I’m here to recommend something you shouldn't buy as a gift: smart speakers.

2018-11-13 - Burgess: Election Day Fiascos Prove Fixes Are Needed
You don't need to look outside of our own state or even this midterm election to see some serious changes need to be made to our voting system.

2018-11-05 - Burgess: Early Voting Process Needs Work
If this is the best we can do in the ritzy areas, imagine what it looks like in places that aren't so well off.

2018-10-30 - Burgess: Forget Polls, Just Vote
Don't count on any waves or tides to save us. All we have is us. Vote.

2018-10-25 - Burgess: Where in the World is Greg Pence?
I just want you to know I tried. I really did. However, some congressional candidates simply don't want to be found.

2018-10-17 - Burgess: Stop Touching Other People's Children
Here's a tip, strangers: Don't touch children you see in public places. It's really that simple.

2018-10-10 - Burgess: When "Reveal" Videos Go Wrong [Page: 3]
In this area I have very little room with which to mock others. I, myself have been the co-star in our own sex reveal video directed by my wife, Ash.

2018-10-02 - Burgess: A Tom Petty Top 5
With so many Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers songs to chose from, you'd think picking a top 5 and writing 500 words about them would be easy. But it's not.

2018-09-24 - Burgess: An Unmuteable Trump [Published in the Sept. 26, 2018 print edition on Page 3.]
So, now Trump can text us whether we signed up or not.

2018-09-18 - Burgess: Nike's Boycott Boost [Published in the Sept. 19, 2018 print edition on Page 3]
The reaction to the new Nike campaign was instantaneous, and often unintentionally hilarious.

2018-09-12 - Burgess: Cowardice as Anonymous Lodestar [Page: 3]
Late in the day, Sept. 5, the New York Times published a truly astonishing Opinion piece.

2018-09-03 - Burgess: Whose Line is it Anyway?
Democrats need to stop running away from these “attacks,” and instead embrace them as the rallying cries they truly are.

2018-08-29 - Burgess: Remembering John McCain [Page: 3]
Even with all his contradictions, America and the world is a dimmer place without McCain's leadership. As one of the few congressional Republicans who seemed able to simultaneously locate his heart, brain, and spine, he will be sorely missed.

2018-08-21 - Burgess: The Truth is Still the Truth
No matter what this administration says or how many times or how loudly they say it, some things are not debatable. Truth is still truth. Unfavorable coverage is not “fake news.” And, I'm old enough to remember when “alternative facts” were known as “lies.” It's important not to lose the thread here, because it truly is the only thing holding together our shared sense of reality.

2018-08-16 - Burgess: We Are Not the Enemy
It feels odd to have to spell this out, but apparently it's necessary: Any real journalist will tell you his or her ultimate responsibility is to tell the truth to their readers. And, that person is not your enemy. That is someone who is on your side.

2018-08-08 - Meet Rob Burgess, NUVO News Editor [Page: 4.]
Hello, Indianapolis! We meet once again. If my name sounds familiar to regular NUVO readers, there may be a reason for that. I first wrote stories and took photographs for NUVO back in late 2010 and early 2011 as a freelancer. And, now, I’m happy to announce I have returned, this time as News Editor, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thank you in advance for reading.

Other People's Stories in Which I'm Mentioned

2019-03-04 – Kevin McKinney – Taking a New Direction In Journalism
Rob, grounded in reporting, has a passion for news and politics, and he has taken the lead on expanding our conversational expertise. He has been intimately involved with the listening tools we have already established, like Hearken, and has already produced several stories with your input, including the voters guide.

2019-01-05 - Long Reads 2018: Cover Stories Worth Revisiting
We published an awful lot that we're proud of in 2018, and we are very appreciative of those of you read and who shared the stories you found most interesting, relevant, and/or entertaining.

2018-12-19 – Ian McPhee – Soundcheck [Page: 20]
If you don’t already know who Project Pat is, I’m not gonna be able to educate you in this small space here. Instead, here’s a quote from our news editor Rob Burgess. “I always say when I wanna get buck wild and listen to somethin’ grimey, there’s no other choice but to put on some Project Pat.” He actually said that. He and his kids will be at the Emerson on New Year’s Eve eve.

2018-11-07 – Laura McPhee - NUVO Changes Pace and Priorities [Pages: 4 and 5]
Cutting back on frequency frees up a tremendous number of resources that we can now allocate to our digital platforms, and that’s where the exciting news comes in.

From December 2010 to May 2011, I was a freelance reporter and photographer for NUVO.

  • 2011-04-13 – Record Store Day: the 411 on Local Events
As usual, LUNA, Vibes and Indy CD & Vinyl will throw our city's top Record Store Day parties. We gather together all the details and check in with our city's record vendors.
  • 2011-03-14 – Five Indy Mayors talk growth, Unigov, SB 590 [Online only]
Mayor Greg Ballard, Sen. Richard Lugar, William Hudnut, Stephen Goldsmith and Bart Peterson discussed the past, present and future of the city they all led.
  • 2011-02-09 – No Bueno: Statehouse tackles immigration
The American Dream could turn into a nightmare for many Indiana immigrants if two new bills currently winding their way through the Statehouse become law.
  • 2011-01-26 – Chartering Indiana’s education reform
Republicans have big plans for reforming Indiana's schools. But not everyone's convinced their ideas are best.
  • 2011-01-19 – Indiana Statehouse 2011: We’re screwed
Indiana Republicans have a socially conservative agenda in the Statehouse this year. Here are ten reasons Progressives should be worried. (I contributed to the introduction and wrote parts three, on education, and six, on redistricting.)
  • 2010-12-22 – Drawing the line on Gerrymandering
Through the years, public servants have invented several notably creative techniques to disenfranchise voters through gerrymandering. A new program looks to shine light on the age-old, shadowy practice.

Concert Reviews and Photo Slideshows

  • 2011-03-29 – Review: J Dilla Tribute at the Jazz Kitchen (w/slideshow and published photo)


Old Soul's annual tribute to the Detroit producer took place a little later than usual, postponed by Febuary's ice storm.

  • 2011-03-08 – Review: Shake Up & friends at the Irving (w/slideshow) [Online only]


Truly a full-service band, the Shake Ups handed out bags of chips halfway through a solid power-pop set.

  • 2011-02-14 – Review: Rocket Doll Revue and Shelby County Sinners at Radio Radio [Print only]

Burlesque troupe Rocket Doll Revue and three-piece, percussion-less Shelby County Sinners rocked Radio Radio.

  • 2011-02-14 – Review: The Kemps, Astro Fang at Rock Lobster


The Kemps, Astro Fang and John Rambo and the Vietnam Wars played Rock Lobster Thursday night. Astro Fang was great. And loud. Very, very loud.

  • 2011-01-25 – Review: Punk Rock Night (Jan. 22) (w/slideshow)


The Elky Summers, Neon Love Life and John Rambo played the Mel's intimate stage Saturday for another memorable Punk Rock Night.

  • 2011-01-25 – Review: Local rock at the Vogue


Local favorites the Max Allen Band, Borrow Tomorrow and Ladymoon took to The Vogue's capacious stage Friday heating things up on an otherwise freezing night.

Album Reviews
  • 2011-01-19 – Review: jj – Kills (mixtape) [Online only]
Swedish duo and Secretly Canadian act jj rework classic hip-hop on their "Kills" mixtape. The results are mostly successful, particularly when the source material is familiar.
  • 2011-01-19 – Review: Dark Matter Halos – Permanent Midnight
The local rock band gestures towards Morphine, The Who and Pink Floyd on their latest full-length, a boundlessly joyful affair.