Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015-03-14 - The Workers' Voice Show - with guest Rob Burgess

I was recently a guest on The Workers' Voice, a radio show on Indiana Talks hosted by Randy M. Obenchain and Indiana University Kokomo Labor Studies Program associate professor Patrick Hill.
"The Workers' Voice Hosts sit down with Rob Burgess, columnist and night editor for Kokomo Tribune to discuss topics from income to education to the future of Indiana."

I've embedded the audio here:

Here's links to the columns I discussed during this episode:

Last year, the National Low Income Housing Association produced a fascinating and disturbing map. Perhaps you’ve seen it. The representation showed the number of hours per week it would take a minimum-wage worker to afford a two-bedroom apartment in each state.

On Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden — filling in for traveling President Barack Obama — delivered the The White House’s Weekly Address. The remarks were revealingly titled, “Raise The Minimum Wage – It’s The Right Thing To Do For Hardworking Americans.”

I also mentioned my co-worker Lauren Slagter's column from Feb. 13, 2015, "Paying-for-college advice doesn't work for everyone."

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